Angry Birds Dream Blast MOD APK(Unlimited Coins)

Angry Bird Dream Blast


Angry Birds Dream Blast MOD APK Description:

Angry Birds Dream Blast is a puzzle game developed by Rovio Entertainment Corporation. The game is rated for 3 years and up.

It is best to kill all the boredom and enjoy the graphics and interface of the game. The game is easy and free to install.

It is challenging and fun to play, the content is from The Angry Birds Movie 2. Solve the puzzle and upgrade the levels.

The game gets challenging as you move to the next level or you can say higher the level difficult to clear. Each week a new and different puzzle is added which makes it interesting.

The game is full of enjoyment and laughter. It refreshes your mind after a busy day.

How to play:

The game is based on tapping the similarly colored bubble in a group and pop it out. Pop or Burst sufficient bubbles for the red power booster. The Red Booster helps to remove or burst a complete row of bubbles.

If you earn two Red Power Booster it will come into a chuck and that helps to burst the bubbles in four directions. Chuck is goofy, mischievous and wild canary Angry Birds Dream Blast MOD APK.

Similarly, if you combine such two chucks it turns into a powerful Bomb that may explode and burst all the bubbles at a single time.

About game in short:

The game is all about combining the bubbles and making a power booster.

Which overall helps to complete the level in less time and earn extra points or coins.

The coins are used to purchase different boosters and powers in the game.

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