Anime Story MOD APK 1.0.5 (High HP, ATK, DEF)

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 Anime Story – Legendary Twins Game Description

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It is wonderful! an extraordinary time executioner you ought to thoroughly download this application the romantic tales beast chases riddles and occasions are marvelous.

Anime Story – Legendary Twins is a visual novel game where you will play as the primary chief who sets outset to save his realm, you can peruse the story layout on their play store depiction.

The story spins around Lucifer and Jehovah after when he was disappointed with her, it is a fascinating storyline and has been executed really well.

Lucifer, the heavenly head of Seraphim, was profoundly disappointed with Jehovah due to his dismissal for the misery and agony of the humans.

His open issue with Jehovah and refusal to recognize Jesus as the child of God brought about his expulsion from the sacred situation of the Seraphim pioneer.

Lucifer swore retribution against Jehovah and drove his multitude of spirits trying to oust the Heavenly Court. In his intrusion, Lucifer confronted seething concealment from Gabriel, the Great Archangel.

They battled for quite a long time until consumption where the injured Angels hauled each other into the Lake of Fire.

Ensured by the heavenly force, their blessed spirits evaded the destiny of annihilation and got fixed inside mystical precious stones to reawakened as twins.

After the Holy War, Jehovah removed the humans from the Heavenly Land and restricted the Angles from heading out to the human world.

With respect to the leftover spirits of the disobedience armed force, they were reviled into repulsive Demons having a couple of dark wings …


Legendary Twins is an all-new otome and otaku reproduction game. In the game, you can bring up and support your child or little girl. In view of an account of Angels and Demons, you can investigate the world and unwind the mystery of Heavenly Land.

Game Elements:

  •  Adopt your fantasy child and plan for his/her preparation plans
  • Japanese otaku and otome game supported by all scopes of players (shojo, josei, and shonen)
  • As a non-permanent parent, you need to deliberately sustain your child to arrive at the completion you want
  • Collect outfits and spruce up your child for different occasions and yearly functions
  • Lots of side occasions and sentimental experiences
  • Exquisite Japanese craftsmanship style and loads of CGs
  • The all-new storyline with a lot of endings and intelligent components to investigate.

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 Android Version: 4.1 and up
 Game Ratings: 4.5
 Size: 82MB
 Mod Feature: High HP, ATK, DEF

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