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Beast Quest Ultimate Heroes Game Description

Your Heroes of “ Beast Quest” are innocent at the small ages of 7 to 10. Their enemy was a clever and evil wizard of their country Vinita.

Vinita is a very beautiful and rich state. An evil wizard named Malvel caught Vinita’s Magical Beasts, FERNO, SEPRON, ARCTA, and TAGUS.

Magical Beasts are very important for Vinita’s people. A good wizard ADURO also helps your Heroes TOM, EENNA, and their faithful horse, Storm and Wolf, Silver for freeing the Loving Beasts from Wizard Malvel.

Clever Wizard challenged them to fight and save the Besets. Many times Wizard Shows the Heroes very tough place. Wizard also destroys their country, Vinita.

Save Your’ Hearos Country, Free their beloved Beasts and kingdom. Only a true hero can free the Beasts and stop them from destroying the land. Are you the hero Avantia has been waiting for? Play all levels for becoming Hero.

Features and Advantages

• The game is very good fun and free to play.
• Heroes of Beast Quest are small in age.
• Choose the best Character of the Game and defend the city.
• Take the right decision at the right time/
• Defeat your enemy Wizard and his well-Trained fellow’s skeletons and goblin kings,
• Right Use of Hero’ Weapons’ to improve their health and abilities.
• Upgrade your support and Towers by right Button.
• Maps and ways are very difficult so please careful.
• Atmosphere and graphics of Avtnia are very good.
• Enemies and Heroes are different from each other.
• Easy to restart.
• Defend the good wizard and Heroes.
• Play all levels easily.

 Android Version: 4.4 and up
 Category: Strategy
 Game Ratings: 
 Size: 101MB
 Mod Feature: Unlimited Diamond

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