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DOWNLOAD Bossy Grump Ebook (Pdf & Epub) Free – Nicole Snow

Nicole Snow, a New York Times bestselling author, returns with a hysterically humorous romance in which two office adversaries pretend to love one other until they run out of make-believe.

Do you remember how awkward it was when your lava-hot boss said, “Marry me?”

Not for the sake of love. This isn’t true. Not without a colossal payout, of course.

Naturally, this good fortune comes with a gigantic snag: Ward Brandt.


Call me bananas if you want to.

I must be lacking a bushel of rejecting Chicago’s most powerful billionaire.

When he crashed my worst date ever, no one realized he was my boss.

But he did find out.

He said I wasn’t good enough for Brandt Ideas, chewed me up, and spat me out.

I vowed to prove him wrong—and spoil a tonne of his coffee in the process.

Then disaster occurs, causing his ego to be shattered.
Guess who needs a facelift to keep the family business afloat?
No way, no how.

King Snarlypants has a peanut-sized heart and a redwood-sized chip on his shoulder.


Ward-hole, go find another sucker.

My barriers are up, even if I agreed.

There will be no magnetic kissing. There are no butterflies. Don’t blush when others gush over how “perfect” we’d make as a couple.

Then again, it’s only been ninety days, and Mama really needs a windfall.

What’s one tiny white wedding lie worth when you’re dealing with a domineering grump who looks like a god?


A full-length enemies-to-lovers romance with plenty of banter, drama, and slow-burn fire to make you want to shake that Happily Ever After over ice.



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