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 Android Version: 4.1 and up
 Category: Action
 Game Ratings: 4.6
 Size: 39MB
 Mod Feature: Unlimited Money

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Description of Bullet Master:

Are you in love with shooting games, but you can’t take your laptop or your pc everywhere with you, and you don’t even have an internet connection all the time?

You know all the trending games on the play store are mostly available online, but in the end, you get a solution that is to play a game like Bullet master where you get the live action of shooting and getting entertained by playing this wonderful game.

Italic Games has introduced the game In this game, you will have to plan and fight against terrorists and destroy their base, which is quite complicated.

You have to make a plan and be conscious regarding your enemies. The difficulty level of this game is not very simple. As there are many games on the play store where it is kids play to win against your enemies.

It not only spoils the fun of the game but also makes it less enjoyable. The ones who lack skills play those games. But on the other hand, Bullet Master allows you to gain spectacular skills.

As the level increases, the game’s difficulty also increases and players enjoy it more if they have to go through difficult and challenging areas.

The developers have placed a variety of guns to grab players’ attention and make the game much more enjoyable. There is an appreciable and wonderful background, which makes the players enjoy the game more.

You also have the ability to use grenades if there are several terrorists in front of you. Grenades destroy them as a whole and clear your way. But shooting targets has its own fun. You will enjoy killing several enemies in the game.


Features of the Bullet Master Game:

  • No internet connection is required to play the game. You can play the game anywhere, anytime you like. It is not like other top trending games where you are required to have a fast and expensive internet connection. It is an offline game, and its gameplay has no link with an internet connection.


  • The game has many landscapes or backgrounds. It will make you feel that you’ve traveled from one place to another in the game. As the levels of the game increase, the background theme also changes. The first one is the theme of a desert. The terrorist base is situated in the desert, and you will have to destroy it to get to the next level. The next level contains themes of cities, and the most attractive one is the theme of winter.


  • The game is free to be played. You don’t have to pay any fee to download it. It does have some ads in it, which are not a big deal as developers have provided such an awesome game free of cost.


  • Moving targets make the gameplay more fantastic. You will have to fight with terrorists as they are flying in a helicopter.


  • You can hide in the game.Bullet Master allows you to fully take care of your character and take precise decisions to win the game as the enemies are not fools.


  • The game allows you to use many guns during the gameplay, which includes handguns and even machine guns.


  • The game offers several thrilling missions, which won’t allow you to get bored. After each level, the difficulty is increased, and it is quite a challenge to play when you’re on a higher level.


  • Grenades are also available to be used when many enemies are attacking you at the same time. You can use grenades to save yourself from that complicated situation.


  • There are a variety of outfits you can get for your player. It will help you customize your character to make him look like a professional shooter.


  • The game also offers infinite armor, which allows the players to take as much time they want to kill their enemies. But killing your enemies is not an easy task. It requires a lot of practice and a perfect shot.


  • The game also offers sniper rifles by which you can precisely find and kill your target. Sniper rifles have low bullets as they require time to load, but if you’re pro, it would be worth using a sniper; it is so because you can kill your enemy in a single shot.


  • The game is in 3D and well animated, which attracts players’ attention. The visuals of the game just make it awesome to play. Playing a shooting game with low graphics is quite a mess, so the developers have invested massive time in creating graphics for this game.



Review of Bullet Master:

If you like to play shooting games and you’re searching for a game with excellent graphics and a high difficulty level, you must give this game a try. It will make you fall in love with it.

The game is a perfect game when it comes to shooting games. The enemies come in groups, and you have to kill them. Fighting with so many enemies at the same time just feels incredible.

The game deserves a 5-star rating, and all the players are happily playing this game. The controls in a shooting game matter a lot, and the developers have created the controls so smoothly that you won’t miss your shots.



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