Cooking Dash MOD APK (Unlimited Money)

Cooking Dash

Cooking Dash MOD APK(Unlimited Money) Game Description:

Cooking Dash is a casual game developed by Glu. Glu Mobile Inc. is an American developer and publisher of mobile games. Founded in San Francisco, California, in 2001,

Are you a person who loves challenges? Interested to experience different cuisine? Want you yo become a famous chef? Want to build time management skills? or improve cooking skills?
If yes, then you will surely love this game. Cooking Dash is free to play, but you can purchase some extra items from real money.

Welcome to the world of cooking where you gain a lot of fame and stardom with your cooking skills.


The flo is ready to serve delicious food to customers and win everyone’s heart by giving them the best service she is soon going to become a celebrity chef in the coming years by this management game.

Where you will face daily new challenges in your journey to becoming a celebrity chef.

This is a perfect time to improve your skills like cooking, serving, and Management by working in different exotic and fascinating restaurants with live studio audiences.

When you earn extra points and money for your good work all the audience clap and cheer to motivate your hard work.

You will come across Bizarre customers, Superstars or Celebs, VIPs where you have to serve food as fast as possible.

Excel as a chef to beat Series Finales and compete in the Trial of Style, where you can earn adorable Pets & Outfits.

Start your stardom journey in this speedy pace confused world and prepare delicious recipes. Earn extra money or profits by providing excellent services to your customers.

You can fulfill your dreams to be a world-famous chef through this game.

There are 100s of episodes that make you keep playing and building a constant interest in the game. You will learn tons of new cooking recipes in each episode.

Experience worldwide restaurants and learn their way of working and their cuisine. Play across unique restaurant shows like the Vegas-themed Table Steaks, crazy Taco Train, and trendy Hip Stir Cafe with many more on the way!


Utilize your earn profits or rewards for buying new appliances and food items.

Upgrade your kitchen with a shiny stove, Induction burner, Food processor, Fancy Beverage stations and much more advanced equipment to speed up your service and make sure all customers get 3-star service.

The game offers Weldon Brownie’s brand new game show – Spin to Win!

Every day you get a chance to earn exciting gifts like VIP Tickets, Auto Chefs, New recipes, Costumes, Pets and many more.

Customize flo with a unique outfit to look stunning and gorgeous for events and the best part of this game is Pets are there to help out you in the kitchen which will ease your work by auto-servicing prep recipes.

Play with your friends to make it more competitive. It will improve your cooking skills which will help to

Start your famous own cooking show where VIPs will come to see your cooking skills and management skills.

You will host big and popular parties worldwide and millions of viewers are attending your party where your goal is to impress all the viewers by giving the best food services in minimal time.

This will help you to earn money and fame.

Your dream to become a famous TV show MasterChef will come true.


Venue Series Finale is specially made for experts if you are willing to play or unlock series of finale you have to fit the eligibility criteria, where you have to earn 4 stars in each episode or you can say beat every episode in a Venue with 4 or more Stars to unlock!

Are you ready to challenge your capabilities and stand out in the crowd by playing Trial of style a multiplayer feature where you have to be the best among rest?

Play with players from worldwide and top the scoreboard by giving the best service. This is the best place to earn rewards and coins.


Make special and unique recipes for your customers and attract them with their very favorite dishes. The customers are the ones who will help you get fame so never make them upset.

What is stopping you? Start your journey today and make mouthwatering dishes and break the ego of VIP and feed all the hungry customers. The best cooking game with never-ending fun.

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