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“An enticing premise of surprising wisdom and precision.” The Bromance Book Club gets a New York Times book review.

A Hall of Fame Title from LibraryReads

In this romantic comedy by the author of Undercover Bromance, a hacktivist and a cat café owner decipher the friend zone.

Since coming forward as a victim of sexual assault by a celebrity chef, Alexis Carlisle and her cat café, ToeBeans, have risen to fame.

Alexis isn’t expecting a new customer to say they’re sisters as she approaches her to confide in her. Alexis is unsure about what to do and turns to her best friend, Noah Logan, for advice.

Noah, a tech genius, left his rebellious adolescent hacker life behind to pursue a career in computer security. He now only employs his old abilities when it is in the best interests of the cause.

Noah, on the other hand, has a secret: he’s madly in love with Alexis. He wonders if the time will ever be right to confess his crush as she asks for his assistance.

Noah’s Bromance Book Club pals are more than happy to share their prized “manuals” to assist him in transitioning from bud to boyfriend.

But he must consider if revealing the truth is worth jeopardizing his strongest relationship.

A short review of Crazy Stupid Bromance Free Epub by Lyssa Kay Adams

Alexis, who operates a cat cafe, recently came out about becoming a victim of sexual assault by her former boss, and as a result, her cafe has become a safe haven for others.

For a while, a woman has been looking at Alexis. They finally start talking, and Candi claims to be her sister. She is shocked and angry, so she calls her best friend Noah, with whom she shares romantic feelings, for assistance.

Noah is a brilliant hacker who was apprehended as a child and has since turned his life around. He makes a lot of money, has a lot of friends, owns his home, and loves Alexis. He’s her rock in the book because, after all, what are friends for?


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