Cut and Paint MOD APK(Unlimited Money)

cut and paint

Cut and Paint MOD APK(Unlimited Money):

Cut and Paint is a simulation game that is developed by MagicLab. MagicLab design and develop Hyper-Casual games. The game is free to download and play but some items in the game can be purchase from real money.

It is a fun and casual game that gives real carpentry experience. The game is recommended for all age groups.

There are 10,000,000+ downloads on the Play store. A creative application that is an easy time killer and relaxing.

All your crafting and painting artistry will be put to the ultimate test to create your dream masterpieces!


Are you fond of satisfying games? It is a great game where you get to trim the wood in the shape of your choice, scrape the items, spray paint of different colors on the wood and then you decorate it and sell them to earn some money.

You can use various paper brick and paint it to gain a beautiful design. With the help of stencil draw the picture. Be careful that every portion is colored and design is completed otherwise the demand for your art will be less.

Buyers will offer you different costs for your creative work and you need to choose one. This is how you will make more money. The best part is by watching the ads you can double the money only after selling your masterpiece.

Purchase various paint colors, wood blocks from the store and try to make your painting more attractive and charming. Use a combination of different colors to make the painting more creative and sell them at a good price.

The amazing part is once you finish playing sufficient hours you can practice your craft and paint and later can be utilized in the real world.



The gameplay is quite satisfying and fun. It is easy to play. The control of the game is quite simple you just need to follow the commands display on the screen and the cutting part is automated.

The graphics are simple and beautifully designed which gives a realistic image look.

Even if you don’t know painting, framing still you will learn to create the perfect masterpiece.

The game is created to enjoy the painting and master your skills. Once you start playing the game you get addicted to it. What are you waiting for? Install the game and experience the fun.

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