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Dangerous Fellow Game Description:

Dangerous Fellows is a thriller romance story-based video game that is specially developed for women (otome game)

It is developed by StoryTaco.inc to simulate real-world activities. Are you crappy with love?

Survive together with 5 charming boys that you came across.

Dangerous Fellow is a visual-novel based on romance and brain-twister. Each episode creates curiosity

It presents charming characters and attractive sound effects. It gets difficult to create affection towards your guy and the thrilling part is to survive zombie devastation with your charming guy.

The game is going to be full of romance and thrillers where the world is going to be destroyed by an unspecified virus.

Let’s get into the Storyline:

You are trying hard to escape an attack from a zombie but all of sudden rescued by 5 good-looking strangers. They took you in a building with other survivors, now are anxious if that place is secure?

Check out and Experience the Thriller and Romance that will double your excitement in every episode and the end is going to be interesting and surprising.

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