Dawn of Dynasty MOD APK (ONE HIT)



Dawn of Dynasty MOD APK Game Description:

Dawn of Dynasty is the cutest Three Kingdom strategy game out there!

The Han Empire is about to fall apart. As ambitious warlords come to power, they seize control of cities and land. To reunify China, you must hire powerful generals, develop an invincible army, and extend your territory!

The Most Adorable Three Kingdoms Game!

How can Zhao Yun, Cao Cao, and Zhuge Liang be this adorable?! You can now enlist and fight alongside great generals and warlords in their gender-bent incarnations, thanks to exquisite artwork from popular Chinese and Japanese visual artists!
Real-time battles that are intense!

Command your army in massive battles involving thousands of soldiers – a true real-time strategy game!

You can now pull off brilliant maneuvers to destroy your opponents’ fortifications with an unparalleled amount of control over your armies’ mobility in battle!

The ability to zoom in and out of a map indefinitely!

With the brand new unlimited zoom feature, you may explore the vast globe of Three Kingdoms! Zoom in and out with just two fingers to see your construction configurations, army deployments, or even investigate the surrounding region for potential threats!


Create and Customize Your Own City!

Join your favorite Factions and customize the outside design of your city! Enjoy customizing your city with roving residents, guards, castle walls, and torch-lit streets!




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Steps to Install the Game/Application

  • Click Download APK MOD
  • Wait for the game link to generate
  • Remove Playstore version (If you have installed it previously)
  • Install the MOD APK
  • Turn on Mod from Mod menu – go to settings > apps > game name > permissions and allow all permissions
  • Enjoy Benefits of the Game/Application for Free.

Download APK MOD       Download From Playstore

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