Dentist Bling MOD APK (Unlimited Money)

Dentist Bling Game Description:

Dentist Bling is a simulator game developed by Crazy Labs by TabTale. Crazy Lab is a worldwide leader in casual games development, distribution, and innovation.

Gain experience to become an expert dentist. With the use of innovative medical and surgical instruments treat your patient in the clinic to give the perfect and desired look to their teeth.

Become a dentist and help your patient to have healthy and shiny teeth. It is a fantastic game that will teach you the dentist profession and how to remove germs and bacteria from the mouth.

Your task is to diagnose, operate, and cure different kinds of dental problems like broken teeth, tooth cavity, dental calculus, terrible pain and they might need emergency surgery & treatment.

Patients will walk to the door one by one so sterilize your tools and keep your dental chair prepared for treatment.

Treat your patients with professional dental tools like syringes, dental tweezers & more, fill their cavities, remove the plaque and clean with brushes, whiten teeth, Pull out decayed teeth gently using forceps, and replace them with shiny new ones.

Apply colorful braces or dental braces to straighten the misaligned teeth, clean the teeth, remove unwanted teeth, and apply the braces.

Gamers need to perform surgeries and it won’t be difficult to perform because they will guide you with tutorials and show the important instructions on the screen.

There is an amazing feature available which is known as a handy counter that will display how much work is pending and how long you need to treat your patient.

There’s an emoticon present that shows whether your patient is happy or sad with your services.

Each level you can complete even without scoring high but you will earn fewer rewards and money. You will receive a precise rating from your patients.

If you provide great service to the patient you will be rated higher and earn more money. Upgrade your dental accessories to provide the best service and satisfy all your patients.

Be careful and don’t hurt your patient with sharp dental tools as you will be rated accordingly.

You can utilize the money to purchase fancy gems and braces, or fancy teeth wallpaper. As you progress the level it will become more difficult.



  • Select your patient with bad teeth for dental treatment
  • Scan the teeth to evaluate  the condition
  • Clean it and remove cavities and fungus with medical equipment
  • Use stain removal to remove stains
  • Perform dental surgery
  • Application of oral braces
  • Extract the rotten or broken teeth

Be an ultimate professional braces surgery dentist with an amazing dental learning experience. It’s a fun and relaxing game. Ever dreamed of becoming a Dentist? Make your dreams come true with Bling dentist.


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