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Some interesting information regarding Dragon Raja – Funtap

Dragon Raja – Funtap is the most awaited Game Award at Unreal Open Day 2019 It is nominated for the sixteenth International Mobile Game honor (IMGA Global)

Dragon Raja is an open-world MMORPG developed globally, well-known machine UE4, with phenomenal pretending visuals.

In the game, you can make one of a kind game characters, yet make companions everywhere from the world to battle and investigate together with your friends.

This “unique” game has been developed by Archosaur Games and endowed to NPH Funtap for disclose in Vietnam.


Highlights of the game are defined as follows:

The crossing point of this present reality and the open world.

In the open storyline, you will join various stories, and depend on your decisions, you will get numerous wellsprings of capacity to change the world.

Selfie any place you are with your preferred character! Gathering boundlessly with companions in this supernatural world!

The intuitive framework incorporates an amazingly practical and smooth voice talk framework, a very standard book visit framework, and permits sharing to genuine informal communities in the game.

Picture quality is sharp:

Created on Unreal Engine 4, * game name * is a tremendous and one of the world’s excellent games with the most excellent level 3A illustrations on every cell phone.

With the pattern of day and night, from shady skies to bright universes, you have the opportunity to investigate this immense, energetic world!

The seasons’ patterns, the lighting impacts, and the reasonable shadows will cause you to feel like you’re truly living on the planet, and the best part is anyone who starts to play this game regularly feels that he lives in the game world.

Inside and out character plan :

The multi-dimensional character customization framework will help you unreservedly plan your own character’s appearance.

You can likewise give your character an exciting character through various responses to the occasion. In this way, each character is unique and has a separate personality compared to the other.

A considerable number of design styles, stylish pictures, adorable or hot, all are the ones that will definitely make you fall in love with this game.


Incredible ongoing battle :

An ongoing battle framework, experience uncommon perfection made by amazingly practical innovation.

Can uphold up to 100 players simultaneously battling in superb PvP scenes, rapidly participate and experience the sentiment of battling against incredible players ~

The game backings between worker battles with ‘BOSS World’, permitting players from various workers to join the wild universal war!

Distinctive and different game modes:

Players can browse an assortment of game modes and an overly remarkable Career framework.

Model: Chef Michelin, Super Star Minh Tinh, or even Riders are amazingly hot Opportunities in this open world.

To guarantee better game insight and impact, we suggest that you generally have enough memory on your telephone. It takes 3 GB of capacity for the first download and 1.5 GB of capacity for the asset to stack when entering the game.

Important specification:

Framework rendition: Android 5.0 or more

Slam: 2GB or more

Framework free space: at any rate 6GB

Mobile processor: Qualcomm Snapdragon 660 or more



Game Description/Review:

Dragon Raja – Funtap is better than many games released in the past. It has brilliant designs, a decent story, and human-like impacts.

To play this game, you have to bring down your burgundy, a piece to play for quite a while, and then you will become a pro for this game. Generally, this game is an excellent way of spending your spare time.

The designs of the game are spectacular. The controls are challenging to utilize sometimes, but still, they do their job to a great extent, which is not expected by a new game like Dragon Raja – Funtap.


The ongoing interaction is indistinguishable from most RPG games out there. At long last, the majority of players give 9 out of 10 to this game, but if nine people like this game, there must be something interesting in this game that attracts them.

You should definitely try this game out. There are many things new to the game that I discover overwhelming. No kid is included in the new game, But there are advantageous interaction highlights, yet with a card blessing highlight.

Alongside the designs, this is generally exhausting. When the game was acknowledged, 300k lines arrived at the worker. The end is that games that like to give virtual toys can be all-around set-aside.


The graphics of the game are just magnificent.

You will fall in love with them after you play this game.

The fire exploded from the blasts is so realistic that you’ll feel that it will come out of your mobile. The snowy texture and temperature are perfectly acceptable for this game.

If you play this game at night, it will indeed look more attractive. The vehicles are so realistic that it feels like you’re riding one in real life.

You can even do the makeup of your character. You can change its eye color and skin color and dress color, making the game much more exciting and legible to play.

The best thing in graphics is that the well designed, manufactured, and well-structured cites.

The day and night in the game are just so realistic, and just due to graphics, you’ll feel that there is a difference in playing the game at night time and daytime as the time in the game.

There are some issues of language in the game, like Vietnamese, mostly in this game compared to English. But those who are playing this game won’t have any difficulty with that.

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