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 Android Version: 4.1 and up
 Category: Adventure
 Game Ratings: 4.5
 Size: 75MB
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Points to Remember:

Turn on Mod from Mod menu – go to settings > apps > game name > permissions and allow all permissions and “draw over apps” permissions

Emergency Fire Fighter Rescue Simulator

Fighter Rescue Simulator is a fantastic game in which you are working as a rescue operator, and you have to save lives, which is a very pious task. This game makes us feel calm and relax due to the holy work done in this game.

Untamed life is on the RED ALERT crisis. Firefighters should be gone after 911 FIRE EMERGENCY. Creature life and wilderness burst into flames.

The best way to escape this crucial time is to reach into Australia’s thick woods and use firefighters to dispose of the fire and salvage creatures. Conjure your inward Firefighter Hero and battle with fire.

You have twofold duties, watering the fire with enormous fireman trucks and light your Fire Truck Engine and salvage alarm, the surge towards the fire, and spare existence of wild salvage games.

Wilderness, timberland, and wild flying superhuman games. Become one of the most sought after American Firefighter saints to battle with this troublesome season of fire in the wilderness and battle for your neighbor nation Australia in this practical firefighting game.

The best thing in this Firefighter game. Ero game is that you have a fireman to water the fire. You have a superhuman fireman to convey the creatures for creature salvage.

Experience the fire salvage missions as you have never observed as you battle to stifle fires before it spreads and pulverizes the natural life.

Get your fire douser or water hose to help and salvage individuals struck in a fierce blaze in the wild wilderness. Investigate the gigantic wilderness while you drive fire engines.

Best Features of Emergency FireFighter Rescue Simulator test system Game

Multiple modes for firefighting. It brought a lot of attention to this game. As these modes grab the attention of the players, it also makes the game much more enjoyable.

FireFighter Trucks.Which you can use to travel from one place to another. Usually, they are used to move around during times of danger when you’re on a mission to save someone’s life.

Firefighter SuperHero. The one you’re controlling and do can control and move them in a way that they lead to saving someone’s life by risking their own.

FireFighter Helicopter. It is used to climb tall buildings that cannot be climbed as it is an emergency. So FireFighters use it as a helping hand, which takes them to heights.

Super Hero for rescue animals in wildlife. The animals are hunted by hunters or stuck in a trap or are in danger due to food or any other reason. The brave fighters of the game will save them on time, which are being controlled by you.

All equipment for fighting in an emergency. There are several items to save someone’s life, as it is a crucial task. Real superheroes usually carry a first aid box with them with all the essential medicines inside the box. They also carry a large number of fire extinguishers.

Interesting gameplay with levels of firefighter animal rescue, superhero flying, and rescue. Which makes the gameplay fascinating for each player. You will love to play this game.

Parking of Firefighter trucks. It is an essential place because all the time the trucks are used whenever there is an emergency. The firefighters don’t have enough time to make their trucks ready for use.

Parking of firefighter helicopter and flying off the helicopter. It is located on the top of the building or on the ground, which is not far from the office, making it easy for the firefighters to use it during an emergency.

Wildlife rescue missions of protecting and rescuing wild animals of the jungle from fire. It is the central part of the game where the real players’ actual skills are tested, and humanity is shown to save the lives of innocents.


Prepare for playing this stunning round of crisis saint 911 and be a courageous American Firefighter to battle and appreciate overly addictive missions and great interactivity with fireman superhuman everybody dreams to be one day.

Your fire fighting abilities will be put to the test as you attempt to spare the city from a shocking fire. You have a hero to fly and spare the creatures from fire. You have a helicopter to fly and arrive at places where fireman trucks can not be reached.

It’s your obligation to douse flames and salvage regular citizens and creatures in this Superhero Firefighter crisis test system game 2020.

American firemen heroes 911 salvage individuals and creatures from risky circumstances. For example, vehicle mishaps, building breakdowns, and wild-consuming fire in this fireman are tested for the game’s crisis.

Turn on the fire salvage alarm and drive an American fireman truck to arrive at the fire crisis objective, taking fireman trucks and helicopters from settle and reach at a crisis place at the base conceivable time.

Start your firefighting preparation and assume the fire engine driver and fire helicopter rider’s function to extinguish greater blazes in city salvage fireman games.

Become a crisis salvage driver and work in the fire station to spare honest residents in the fire engine sandbox game.

This hero flying salvage game with an advanced fire engine is outfitted with the most recent salvage gear, fire douser, and a too huge stepping stool to arrive at a shopping center or a multi-story building wilderness trees.

Fire engine stepping stool is utilized to get USA firefighters to the higher floors and places uplifted; likewise, you have a helicopter to fly and water the fire.

The truck’s stepping stool is raised and brought down utilizing a water-driven cylinder pole worked from a salvage fire in this fireman games.

This salvage fireman truck crisis saint 911 additionally has particular gear for coercive passage, ventilation, emergency exit, and city salvage undertakings of creatures. A superhuman is likewise there to assist you with sparing the wild wilderness life.

An emergency firefighter is really a wonderful and great game. This is one of the best games on the play store. You will like it very much. That’s wonderful, amazing graphics, control, and also learned how to save and rescue things in a better way.



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