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Enjoy your choice, Story Me

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Game Description:

Enjoy your choice, story me is a new interactive game for entertainment developed by whomor Inc. Whomor is a Tokyo-based company that delivers illustrations for social games.

The game is free to install and play, but you can choose to pay real money for some extra items, which will charge your Google account. You can disable in-app purchasing by adjusting your device settings.

Enjoy your choice, Story me is a new interactive novel game where you have to make different choices throughout the game and decide your ending.

You will play the role of a leading character. There are different stories in the game. Choose your favorite genre and start playing the amazing interactive game. Currently, there are more than 15  stories in the game that you can read and each story has around 15 episodes.

There is a wide range of categories including romance, suspense and detective are available. You can enjoy episodes in many genres such as horror, mystery, mystery-solving, suspense, fantasy, hero, comedy, love romance, drama, adventure stories, all for free.

Why don’t you come inside of our world and travel with us to a place full of action, romance, and much more?? The game is specially optimized for smartphones

Customize your character with various outfits and accessories and make your character look more dazzling and beautiful. The game is based on full of different choices.

While making the decision you will earn diamonds and keys that can be used to purchase and upgrade the character. You can watch Ads to earn diamonds. Enjoy the game with unlimited Diamonds and Keys with our MOD Version.

Do you like adventure stories, love romance, and solve puzzles? Or like comics and games? Do you like to read different stories and episodes about people?

The amazingly satisfying comic application that is basically women-oriented.Also, it is the best interactive game where the outcome is based on your own choices.

Enjoy your choice, Story Me Enjoy your choice,story me Enjoy your choice, Story Me

Different Stories:

Crazy Tokyo Museum:

The main character who suffers from a faceless disease visits the “Crazy Museum” to find a cure. As you learn about the mysterious powers of the nine weapons from the curator, you will discover the secret of the museum. Suspense horror with strange episode stories, where your choices matter a lot.


The main character is a high school student who likes music but is afraid to play in public, tries to recall hidden memories related to ghosts. He discovers the truth while falling in love with a ghost as his memories return. Which lyrics from his songs will be chosen as a final message to his family?. The episode changes according to the lyrics you choose! It’s a youthful love story.

Love or Money?

The main character has promised his parents to return home to Tokyo if he couldn’t find a marriage partner within 3 years. He hasn’t found one yet. He takes part in a matchmaking party which turns into a survival game, “If you don’t find a partner, you fall into a huge debt.” Love episode where love and money are mixed together on a luxury liner. Who will you choose?


The main character who came to Tokyo from a rural town has a dream of becoming a stylist. In this story, he gets to know famous actors, gay stylists, millionaires, childhood friends, and fall in love for someone while he chases his dream. It’s a love romance episode, where he defeats rivals and all his dreams come true.

The Paige Files

A new police officer is removed from a case when his friend is killed. He hires a detective to solve the mystery. But everything is made with AI … As he solves a few mysteries, a new AI ​​detective is born. This novel is a completely mysterious episode.

 Beautiful Dream

When the four kingdoms located in the north, south, east, and west are fighting, the balance begins to break down after the princess is kidnapped. Can she find the truth behind the episode of this world? The stories are completely interactive fantasies.

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