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“Abracadabra, you’re a millionaire!” exclaims the narrator. That is exactly what will happen if you follow Phil Jones’ advice in this book.”

Jeffrey Hayzlett, Chairman of C-Suite Network and primetime TV and podcast host

“While the right words spoken in the right way might not be magical, they can certainly produce magical results.”

Bob Burg, The Go-Giver co-author

“I believe Phil sums it up best at the end of this fantastic read: “Everything you’ve learned in this book is plain, easy to implement, and works.” It’s been tried and true, and it’s sure to help you get your way more frequently.”

Philip Hesketh, expert speaker and author on persuasion and influence psychology.

Your ability to know exactly what to say, when to say it, and how to make it count is always the difference between a customer preferring you over someone else.

In this book, Phil M. Jones, who has educated over two million people in the lost art of spoken communication across five continents and fifty nations, teaches realistic and immediately relevant skills.

Why Would This Book Be Beneficial to Me?

Let’s face it: the ability to use the exact right words at the exact right time determines the success or failure of virtually any human interaction.

Hard work, talent, and perfect timing can all help you succeed, but if you don’t know how to direct a conversation and come to an agreeable conclusion, you’ll be wasting a lot of time and effort.

If you’ve ever been at a loss for words or come away from a discussion without the desired outcome, the advice in this book will provide you with both concepts and specific examples to help you improve your conversational faith.

When It’s All Said and Done. It was written with business circumstances in mind, but it can be applied to many of life’s major events.

If you’re trying to land a job, close a deal, or help a friend or loved one see things from a different perspective,– The ability to influence others is a skill that everyone possesses.

Entrepreneurs pitch their business ideas to potential millionaire investors on ABC’s hit show “Shark Tank.”

When the camera is rolling and the lights are turned on, these entrepreneurs understand that every word counts.

Do you ever feel like you know just what to say in a crucial situation?

What You’ll Learn In Exactly What to Say, Phil shares his “Magic Words” as well as specific examples of how to use them.

Expect to finish the book quickly and be inspired to build your own examples to help you win more company.

Increase your workplace impact, and improve your social persuasiveness.

“If you want to get prospects, clients, colleagues, bosses anybody to say “yes” to what you want.

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