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What is a MOD?

MODs are changes to a game's coding scheme that offers players an advantage over other players on the internet. A modder, for example, may delete the code that causes the main character's health to deteriorate when he or she is assaulted. However, disabling that line of code prevents your character from losing health when they take damage, essentially rendering them invincible.  

How do I install MODs?

The majority of the MODs on this website do not require any special installation instructions. All you have to do is download it and install the game using the MOD APK, and it will function just like any other app. Other games require you to allow certain commands on your phone about third-party applications in order for the mod to take effect, but the instructions will be included in the MODs themselves. You would not need any software other than that which is already installed on your computer.  

Can I install a MOD and the regular game at once?

Yeah, but you'll need to use a parallel space app to do so. Any parallel space app will work, and you can look up the names of them on Google. The directions for using each app differ, but you can easily learn them from the in-app tutorials.

What are the CONs of using a MOD?

The most serious disadvantage of using mods is the possibility of being permanently banned from playing. For certain games, your address can be monitored and put on a blacklist, meaning you won't be able to play unless you use a different email address to reinstall the game. These are minor inconveniences, but downloading a MOD has no significant disadvantages unless you download it from a shady website that may have infected the download file with malware or viruses.  


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    • Do not play with healing wounds, pimples. It allows bacteria to enter the body.Thank you for visiting APKHIT Mods now you will go to the download page from where you can download your favorite modded game or application.We make a full effort to give you the best and reliable mods, so if there is any problem regarding the game or application, please leave a comment on the post. We will definitely come back with a proper solution. As always please share our website with your friends and family, make sure to visit us again for new and updated mods.