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FictIf MOD APK(Free Premium Choices) Game Description:

FictIf is a new interactive role-playing game published by the company Nix Hydra that brought you the popular visual novel “The Arcana: A Mystic Romance.” Nix Hydra is a female-founded mobile game studio located in sunny Los Angeles.

FictIf is a full package of romantic visual novels for iOS & Android that span the genre from the supernatural to mysterious and beyond. You, the player, are the star of each story, living out an adventure full of unexpected twists, turns, and maybe even love. ​

The game is free to install and play, but you can choose to pay real money for some extra items, which will charge your Google account. You can disable in-app purchasing by adjusting your device settings.

It is an amazing interactive game where you make different decisions and choices throughout the game. Each decision will take you to a different exciting ending. There are various collections of interactive romance stories and in each story, you will be playing the role of the main leading character. Here you get a chance to travel around the world and get into different stories. You can choose the time period to travel either in 1980,1920 or 1950. All decisions are made by you.

There are 3 different good looking characters with their unique qualities choose one of your favorite characters to romance in these brand new interactive games. Enjoy, experience, and discover the life of each character and all the truth or reality behind their smiling faces. Feel each story with individual and original art. Play the story your way, and make your own choices that affect the outcome of the game. In this interesting game maybe you will find a partner or your true love?

With FictIf, you can:

  • Choose your character
  • Select from multiple characters to romance in the same story (or play them all!)
  • Make your own choices which influence your interactive story experience
  • Read alternate perspectives of each character
  • Experience alternate realities within the same world
  • Immerse yourself with original art for each story
  • Read a growing library of stories with new chapters updated frequently

Different Stories:



You inherit your grandmother’s vineyard after her unexpected passing. Only you receive an anonymous letter threatening to kill you as they killed her grandmother if you don’t leave. You must find out who killed your grandmother, and why they’re out to get your vineyard!


When you, an ordinary cosplayer, become trapped inside a fantasy game, you’ll have to use your wits, magic, and genre-savvy to survive. Team up with a band of unlikely heroes including a mischievous mage, a spirited knight, and a mysterious mercenary to fight the forces of evil and find a way home.


After graduating from college in New York City, four artistic friends decide to move west for Hollywood. They pack their van and embark on the cross-country road trip of their dreams. But when a strange event brings every horror movie villain to life, they encounter their nightmares. With monsters stalking the bold, wide country ahead, our heroes must make a decision: Run, Hide, or Fight?


When your local cineplex hosts an all-night gangster movie marathon, you’re thrilled to get a chance to re-watch those timeless classics on the big screen.

As soon as you step inside the theatre, you find yourself literally transported into your favorite eras of the silver screen, where you’re wooed by your favorite cinematic characters on the wrong side of the law: A cunning gangster from the ‘20s, a mysterious femme fatale from the ‘40s, a slick action hero from the ‘80s.

Each of these outlaws offers you an adventure straight out of the movies, and you must decide which starring role is best for you.

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