Garden & Dressup MOD APK (Unlimited Seeds)

garden and dressup


Garden & Dressup Game Description:

Garden & Dressup is a roleplaying game developed by Tap Happy, where you dress up your princess and do gardening. The latest version is updated on 15th April  2020.

It is fun and highly recommended for the younger generation. Do you love anime graphics? Do you love changing outfits? You will surely fall in love with this peaceful and relaxing game. It is free to play.

The princess is in love with nature and plan to do gardening. In this magical fairytale world where you will experience beautiful scenery and plant different flowers.

Along with gardening, you will also doll up your princess with different outfits, accessories, makeup, hairstyles to look glamorous.



Plant colorful flowers to make your garden look fascinating. You must have always dreamed to be a fashion girl. Take care of your garden by trimming damaged leaves, water all the plants to have floral look.

  Plant different flowers and water daily to unlock different suits.

A special wheel spin game helps you to earn different rewards.


Customize your sweet tiny princess with extraordinary costumes and love the joy of planting and variety of collection. Show off your princess with mesmerizing costumes. You can dress her up with beautiful dresses or bossy outfits too.

 A different task like purchasing the outfits and completing the album. For pass time click photos of the princess and create an album of beautiful pictures.


Load your closet with varieties of outfits, styles to complete the album. Plant different flowers to unlock suits and you can also earn diamonds and gold. Collect matching costumes from the store for your dearest Princess.

Utilize diamonds and gold coins to purchase costumes and favorite flower seeds from the store. Also unlock themes like a warm house, rock garden, frozen land, sunshine beach and many more from the diamonds and gold coins.


Watering, planting, collection, and enjoying the fun!

Summon different kinds of styles of clothes from flowers.

Tons of accessories to pick up.

Pick up and collect the different styles, and light the album.

Take fashion photos for the perfect princess.

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