Grimguard Tactics: End of Legends MOD APK (Unlimited Coins, Rubies)

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 Android Version: 5.1 and up
 Category: Strategy
 Game Ratings: 4.1
 Size: 121MB
 Mod Feature: Unlimited Coins, Rubies 

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Grimguard Tactics

End of Legends is an epic, dull dream RPG with an extensive Hero gather and turn-based strategies style ongoing interaction.

The Primorva, an old insidiousness, has awoken, and to spare the universe of Terenos you should enlist and rally its generally unique, incredible, and risky powers in an endeavor to drive back the approaching obscurity.

Produce a partnership against far-fetched Heroes and collect the best remarkable individuals this world has ever observed!

Features of this game:


Highlighting one of a kind strategic ongoing interaction that is anything but difficult to play yet extreme to ace.

Utilize destroying combos and vital moves to change combat tides as every pro player starts as a noob.

You will discover more tricks and tips for playing this game. Players who play it usually will become active and learn new and unique game playstyles.



Alter your striking gathering with Heroes that give ground-breaking cooperative energy rewards.

Art your group with Heroes from various jobs, for example, Assault, Tanks, and Support, and make the ideal crew.

Teamwork often leads to success because there is a helping hand for everyone in the team.

You must know which person you should take in your squad who will help you in your difficult times.


Enroll the most amazing of saints with exceptional advantages, capacities, groups, and reward details.

Level Up, Upgrade your Gear and Ascend your Heroes to fight the powers of the underhanded Primorva.

You can collect different items and create your hero more remarkable on a level he never was, and you can also unlock epic items for him, which will allow him to achieve more spectacular things in this game.



Testing Boss battles, foes of various arrangements, and even undermined Heroes hinder you.

Put your aptitudes under the surface of a magnifying glass and vanquish your enemies.

It allows competition between two same level people, which will show who is the real boss.

You can bring justice by teaching the other boss a lesson, which is a spectacular opinion.


Open and update structures in your very own town.

Deal with your assets, train your Heroes and safeguard against the dimness from within Holdfast, the last stronghold of humankind.

This feature will help you to grow your game and your real-life management skills.



If you’re doing any other task, feel free to activate autoplay to quickly grind out missions.

This feature is not available in most games, but this game will take care of all your interests and precious time. You can play this game whenever you feel bored.

  • A network connection is required, which makes the game alluring because all the fighting games are enjoyable when you’re playing against a human rather than a computer who already knows all the game tricks.
  • Grimguard Tactics: End of Legends is allowed freely to download and play. A few things are accessible for in-game buying for genuine cash.

It isn’t necessary to, however, do those things yet on the off chance that you genuinely like this game and you believe that you need to appreciate more, you should check those paid things out as they will expand the force of the game and make it overly fascinating for you to play.

There is an everyday reset yet enough to play. Anticipating future substance, as legends and perhaps a pass. Keep up the work!

Trusting that you all would change the guide to have set challenges on each part to permit leveling more vulnerable legend’s somewhat more superficial.

Also, perhaps an ‘affirm’ button conspire, as in some cases, the player winds up making inadvertent moves.

The costumes of the heroes are so attractive and make them look like a real hero.

Their body shape, designs, or tattoos are so realistic. The graphic designer of the game has done a really very great job.

Graphics are the essential elements of the game, and this game has got the best essential part.

Every hero or boss in the game has his/her own super abilities, which are not comparable to others.

You can choose them wisely as you think your boss should look, and the specified unique qualities play an awe-inspiring role in choosing a boss.

You can either lose the game by choosing a suitable boss, or you can even win by using the perfect one for you. There are several black mafia spread on pure land.

Your duty is to get your land back from them and move them to an end and fight with them as it is a prestigious task.

Your home contains all the essential elements, i.e., Gold, Heroes, Shop, Retire, Recruit, Summon, etc.

A shop is an essential place where you could get all the essential items for your personal and professional use in the game.

The game is mostly based on tactical combat play with magnificent artwork. The graphics of the game make it much more attractive to its players than all the other games in the market.

You must at least try this game for once, and you will fall in love with this game.

This game is enjoyable to play as the players are easily controllable, and without any other unnecessary things, we are definitely jumping into the war.

We will show the others what our actual power is; if you are an action game love, you must give this game a try.


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