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Swing trading is a form of trading in which you hold stock or other investment positions for a period of time ranging from one day to several weeks or longer. This book will teach you where to start, how to start, what to expect from swing trading, and how to build your own strategy based on your personal goals if you are a beginner trader. If you are a seasoned trader, this book will provide you with insight into the author’s approach to swing trading, principles that I obey, and techniques that I have used to make successful trades over the years.

This book will teach you:

  • What is swing trading and how does it vary from other trading strategies?
  • Why is swing trading a better trading strategy for you?
  • What resources would you need to swing trade, as well as how to choose a broker?
  • How to handle your money and the risks of trading?
  • Getting good entries and exits on trades to optimize profits
  • Charting basics followed by a presentation on some of the more common technical analysis tools used to recognize and make profitable trades Chart trends that provide trading opportunities
  • A range of swing trading strategies that can be used by both novices and more experienced traders
  • How to run your trading like a company, with some rules and routines to follow as a good trader
    I sincerely hope you find meaning in the contents of this book and that it assists you in achieving your trading goals and objectives.

What are you waiting for enjoy the free ebook How To Swing Trade Free Epub by Brian Pezim.

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