Ice Scream 1: Horror Neighbourhood MOD APK ( Ghost Mode)

ice scream 1:Horror Neighbourhood

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Game Description:

Ice Scream 1: Horror Neighborhood is an arcade game offered by Keplerians Horror Games. This horror game will make you scream in the name of ice cream. The game is suggested for the 12+ age group as it contains horror and violence.

Recently in your town, a new ice cream man has come. He sells ice cream in a van. The trouble maker ice cream man’s name is Rod. He is fond of kids as he always targets kids. He kidnaps children by freezing them and using some superpowers.

You are going to play the leading role in this game. As you witnessed Rod kidnapping your friend and neighbor Charlie you are completely shaken and worried what if he had kidnap more kids like charlie.

Now your only aim is to rescue your friend and other kids in your town. You noticed that he takes your friend somewhere in his van. Now you have to think calmly and cleverly as you don’t want to become the next victim.

The game is full of thriller and suspense as you are totally unaware of where he takes them in the van. So very first thing you will hide and notice his move and as you get a chance go and hide inside his van. The game is full of puzzles and you will come across many different locations.

Can you save the kids from that evil ice cream man? Or become his next target? Do you have that power and mind to solve all the mysteries? The game provides hints to help you solve puzzles.

Make sure you always hide whenever you feel like he is coming around. Play wisely. There are 3 different modes namely Ghost, Normal, and hard mode. Complete all of them and enjoy this horror game.