Idle Life Sim MOD APK(Unlimited Money)

Idle life sim


Idle Life Sim Game Description:

Idle Life Sim is a simulator game developed by Codigames. It is a clicker game.

If you love playing Idle games then you should surely play this game.

Customize your character, buildup a professional career, buy a house and decorate it. Buy furniture from the shop and customize your room for a better appearance that will increase your levels.

Work and expertise in your professional skills for salary hike. Acquire an additional job to earn extra pocket money. Work hard to own a big house and take the help of your grandma if required.

Create your Character:

Personalize your Character and select the different appearance like face characteristics, hair color, hairdo, accessories, costumes to grab the attention from office colleagues and boss.

Load your closet with varieties of outfits that will require an occasion like office events, meetings, festivals and many more.

Customize your house:

Start your journey in a small house or storage place and with all the hard work and perseverance buy a big mansion for yourself.

You can customize and decorate your home with different furniture and decorations stuff.

With the help of coins or money, you can buy or shop all the furniture and other decorative stuff from the store. Don’t step into buying useless stuff and make your home look bad. Make a point to buy stuff that is mandatory and things that will make your home beautiful and awesome.

Wall paintings and images play an important role in giving your home an aesthetic look.

Build an apartment or room that gives you a positive vibe and a cozy and warm feel. Keep upgrading with new objects and helpful equipment.

Select your Occupation:

There are many options to select your profession like Doctor, engineer, sportsperson, chef, Accountant.

Choose a career of interest.

Being a fresher you will find your job difficult but with time you will get accustomed. Work hard and expertise in your skills for promotion.

Accept the challenges to move up in your field to earn bonus points.

Crucial Points Idle Life Sim MOD APK:

If you want to improve your management skills this is the best game to play.

Easy to play where you have to take planned decisions about your lifestyles.

Upgrade your skills to unlock visible success in your personal and professional life.

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