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Idle Valkyrie: Rose Warrior Game Description:

These awe-inspiring heroines’ backstories, Today’s coworkers could become tomorrow’s adversary.
No one can protect you if you lack the necessary courage.

They have turned up for the sake of families, lovers, and friends. From now on, forget about those who were tender and frail.

A herd of lions led by a sheep does not scare me, but a herd of sheep led by a lion does. Alexander the Great’s quote

Become the best commander in the world to command the most powerful female army! They are needed by the motherland.

‘Commander/Troop Formation’ You have the option of selecting any of the South Korean troops. You have the option of selecting one of five commanders.

‘Troops Selection’ is a term used to describe the process of selecting troops. Select your favorite troop and begin training them.

Which division will be the most powerful? It’s all up to you.

Recruiting is a term used to describe the process of finding new employees. Recruit a wide range of corps to help you edit your troop!

To win, use the troop tactics! Enhancement Increase the fighting strength of the soldiers by using corps enhancement.

To win, make use of soldier enhancements! When your soldiers reach a certain level, you can move them to another corps.

Make a new team with the class move! Sending Troops sends troops and generals to accept your honor.
You will gain more advantages as a result of your honor.

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Steps to Install the Game/Application

  • Click Download APK MOD
  • Wait for the game link to generate
  • Remove Playstore version (If you have installed it previously)
  • Install the MOD APK
  • Turn on Mod from Mod menu – go to settings > apps > game name > permissions and allow all permissions
  • Enjoy Benefits of the Game/Application for Free.

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