Liar! Uncover the Truth MOD APK (Unlimited Stamina)

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Liar! Uncover the Truth Game Description

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I like this game. It’s like a phoenix wright dating sim, but much easier to find the clues. Honestly one of the most original and refreshing Otome games.

The main character is amazing, she stands up for herself and knows her worth. This is one of the most realistic Otome games I’ve played. Keep in mind that for the love routes, where you really get to date the boys, is a bit tedious for free-to-play players but it is free with login bonuses.

I really really like this application and I really appreciate it. The only issue is with tickets, but anyways every single thing about this app, other than the tickets problem, I like all of that.

Looking forward to new updates. If you get stuck on the news screen, just click play movie, and immediately click close. That works for me every time. This game is unique, interesting, and fun if you like visual novel/otome games.

You will have to have a lot of patience to progress if you don’t pay. You only get a few tickets a day.


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 Android Version: 4.5 and up
 Category: Casual 
 Game Ratings: 4.0
 Size: 49MB
 Mod Feature: Unlimited Stamina

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