Love is Our Specialty MOD APK(Free Premium Choices)

love is our specialty

Love is Our Specialty MOD APK(Free Premium Choices):

Love is Our Specialty — Anime Girlfriend is a new simulation game developed by Genius Studio Japan Inc. is an Android game developer that has been active for about 11 months. The current application portfolio contains 27 games.

Are you a fan of ANIME? Ever dreamed of having an anime girlfriend? So you are in the right place! Play this interactive game and find your perfect anime girlfriend.

The game is specially published for men. A game is full of romance, love, mystery, where you have to make different choices and visually live the story and make it till the end.

The game gets exciting and fun after each choice, the end is surprising and mysterious. There is no sort of boredom you will love playing this game and make various decisions to conclude the end story.



The story starts from the day you start working very hard in a restaurant to pursue your high school degree and fulfill your basic needs. But working is not that boring or bad as you have cute and dazzling coworkers and a decent boss.

One day you were going back home from work, you come across a girl who bothered by a group of men who were disobedient and harassing her.

Being a gentleman, you taught to help her so you bounce into but it seems like she’s a tough fighter and she can handle herself. You were amazed by looking at this incident but life goes on.

One day your boss informs you that a new employee will be joining your group and coincidently it happens to be the same girl who bravely fought with those men and saved herself.

Will you be able to train her? Will it affect your relationship with your childhood friend and coworker? And let’s not forget that guy that wants to take over your restaurant. Play the game and find out the hidden mystery and choose your ending. Love is Our Specialty MOD APK


Anime Girl Character:

Karen: she’s an expert and strong fighter who knocked out all the delinquents men. she’s a new employee joining your team. She’s blunt but strong sense of honesty and sensible. what makes her harsh from outside? what is she hiding behind her rude behavior?

Reika: She’s your good friend and very supportive nature but doesn’t work with you at a restaurant. She can be hot and cold at times but friendly and well behaved.

Ayaka: Shes one of your coworkers at the restaurant.she is introverted and humble. It looks like she might have a crush on you, but she’s not ready to accept the fact and hiding her feelings. But one of your male coworkers seems to be giving her trouble.


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