Mandrake Boys MOD APK (Unlimited Seeds)

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 Android Version: 4.4 and up
 Category: Casual
 Game Ratings: 4.5
 Size: 45MB
 Mod Feature: Unlimited Coins

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Points to Remember:

Turn on Mod from Mod menu – go to settings > apps > game name > permissions and allow all permissions and “draw over apps” permissions


Mandrake Boys MOD APK (Unlimited Seeds) Game Description

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A game that restores the most tired souls of the protagonists, 99 percent are boys, and guys, sweet, handsome, and alluring.

To meet all these boys, become the gardener of a magical garden. There is nothing much expected from you. This game is simple. In Mandrake Boys, there is no space for headache-inducing approaches and stress-inducing withering crops.

Once in a while, sign in and press the flowerpots. Mandrakes, cute and beautiful, will bring you great joy. Collect Mandrakes’ tales and drawings. Each Mandrake has a beautiful story of his own.

For every party, collect exquisite illustrations of cute people. Only by gathering rare Mandrakes can rare pictures be viewed. It is how you will appreciate the Boys of Mandrake. Play other games in between.

Playing while watching television. Play during breaks to read. Before you go to sleep, play in bed. It’s quick and easy to play Mandrake Boys while doing other stuff. It is a wiki in the English language that records details about Mandrake Boys, a Korean game.

Mandrake Boys is Owlogue’s Korean casual game. In which you grow boys with plants. As you advance, you will collect stories and artwork from them.

The game is available in English and Korean. The English version is most behind and lacks many of the original Korean seeds and tales, so there is no English material available for many fan-favorite characters and Korean or Japanese-only events. Illustrations and seed material will be seen, and some players may consider these spoilers.

If you don’t wish to see them, proceed with caution. It is one of the greatest downloadable games ever.

You generally get a little tired with games after downloading. It’s fun, and it’s the only game you can look forward to playing in the daytime. The game is fantastic, no doubt.



  • Simple and easy to play
  • Rare illustrations

The game is free to install and play, but you can choose to pay real money for some extra items, which will charge your Google account. You can disable in-app purchasing by modifying your device settings.

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