Maybe Interactive Stories MOD APK (Unlimited Diamonds)

Maybe Interactive Stories MOD APK (Unlimited Diamonds)

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 Android Version: 5.0 and up
 Category: Simulation
 Game Ratings: 4.3
 Size: 87MB
 Mod Feature: Unlimited Diamonds

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Points to Remember:

Turn on Mod from Mod menu – go to settings > apps > game name > permissions and allow all permissions and “draw over apps” permissions

Game Description:

Maybe: Interactive Stories is a simulation game/application published by CINAMON GAMES. It is rated for 16+ age groups and has 100,000+ installs on play store.

The game is free to install and play, but you can choose to pay real money for some extra items, which will charge your Google account. You can disable in-app purchasing by adjusting your device settings.

Maybe: Interactive Stories Abstract:

Are you fond of Love? Romance? This is the best application which has numerous episodes from original novels. It is an interactive application where you decide your story. It is not just an ordinary romance application but also helps to boost your reading skills.

The characters are extremely attractive and charming. Personalize your character with new sizzling dresses and accessories.

Additionally, this app gives you a chance to customize your date with your most lovable character. Isn’t it interesting? Going for a date with someone you really adore! Interactive stories will give you a ride of the fantasy world.

The mesmerizing stories will keep your excitement and interest level on the peak. In each episode, you get to interact with and make choices. The eye-catching illustrations turn out to be the leading feature.

Spoiler Alert: Endings of the episode will change depending on what choices you make through each chapter. So make your choices wisely.


Maybe Interactive Stories mod apk

Let’s get familiar with the Stories included in Maybe: Interactive Stories:

  •  Royal Blood:

You are the most beautiful girl in the town, Everyone used to adore you but suddenly one day everything turns disaster when your mother died, during the funeral you experience something weird. You also came to know about vampires. For a twist, three handsome men will propose you? Now the mystery lies in your choices. Whom will you say YES?

  • Triangle of Kisses:

Dreams are lovely but until it turns out to be a nightmare. But here in this episode, you come across an office romance nightmare, but being a story independent lady you try to forget everything and start a new beginning. But life is not that simple you actually come across with the people you met in dreams. What will be the end of the story?

  •  Princess Irene:

This story is different from all typical princess story. Here you are a tomboy, you love wearing pants shirts rather than skirts short dresses. You always prefer fights over singing and dancing. But to make your country proud you will have to change the way of living. So do you think you can win the Princess Consort Selection?

  •  Lord of Demons:

This is going to be a difficult journey where your only aim is to claim the throne. When you are going through hard times you meet three men. What is the purpose of meeting them?

  • My Ex is so into Me:

Do you believe in second chances? Because this story is all about meeting your two ex-boyfriends. Do you think you will fall in love again with one of them?

  • A Good Day To Be A Dog:

You are supposed to hide the truth to keep yourself free from the curse. But mistakenly you reveal the secret and it turns out to be a curse! There are three men and one of them has a key to undo your curse.

  •  Remarried Empress:

This is a twist and turns story where you prepare yourself to become the best empress and later realize that the emperor instead chose a slave.
What you will do now?

  • Lady in Armor:

This is an intense story where you choose thoughtfulness to take revenge against the people who killed your loved ones. But you fail to take revenge but suddenly you realize you are back to the childhood days! What confusion? But will you succeed to save your family?

  • A Bite of You:

This story gives a thriller and mysterious vibes. After searching for many jobs finally, you get hired in the world’s top gaming company. You come across a Charming guy with many hidden truths. After meeting him your life changes upside down! Are you willing to continue or resign from the job?

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