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Mayday Memory: CHOICE SF Otome is a simulation game developed by StoryTaco is a mobile game development company. Mayday Memory MOD APK

They have created many such otome games like Dangerous Fellows, Mystic Code: Choose your path, Queens Number: your choice, and many more. StoryTaco runs the label LUCYDREAM and FUNNEL.

The game is free to install and play, but you can choose to pay real money for some extra items, which will charge your Google account. You can disable in-app purchasing by adjusting your device settings.
Do you love solving mysterious cases? Are you fond of interactive games? Have you experienced a game full of romance, drama, mystery, comedy, suspense? Play Mayday Memory offers realistic characters and an amazing storyline that keeps your interest alive till the end of the series.
A new interactive series that is a women-oriented otome game. Here you will play the role of the main leading character that is a young officer who is suffering from memory loss.

Wait before getting into the story let’s get familiar with all characters in the series.

  • Dell, The main leading character, is tough, unkind but clever enough also known as a sharp-tongued woman.
  • Ain, The famous celebrity character, behaves in a strange manner with an unbalanced mindset.
  • Syd, The co-worker or partner, that always risks life and never cares about the danger, also known as a thoughtless person.
  • Hansol, The freelancer, is a greedy and grasping person.
  • Jeff, The chief, is an idiotic leader
  • Mode, The rabbit robot, is the world’s sluggish and slow-moving character.
The kind of weird, and each with their own charm, extremely strange but 6 beloved main characters with passionate chemistry.


It’s the year 2099, you are living in a world where technology has the power to do anything and everything. An upgraded world with the best technologies.

In this game, you will experience and live a life of 2099, where everyone sells and buys the memory.

A PI office that stays awake during the time people usually sleep, especially to keep watch and solve the cases.

The never-sleeping PI office receives a big mysterious case. Well, that’s you being the main character with amnesia takes up the responsibility of solving the mystery with the whole team.  How will you make use of technology to gain an advantage in solving the mysterious and confusing case?

The different choices you make throughout the interactive series will impact the overall storyline. The decision is to be made by you, so play wisely and solve the case by being alert and attentive.


Use various techniques to reach the truth behind the case. Take the help of Mode the laziest robot, ask him to make gifts for the characters. The gifts might attract the character and help you to open the hidden mystery. It may also help to know the different sides of the character. Be the most clever officer while making the choices.


You are nevertheless, find all the hidden information and clues by investigating all the suspects and places. It seems confusing and exciting thinking about what next the story holds. Help Ain the famous superstar to find out the stolen memory.

While solving the case you will come to experience some romantic moments. Use the energy to make choices and whatever you want to do.

The game is filled with romance, drama, mystery, cyberpunk, comedy, investigators, twist, and turns while solving the case.

Mayday Memory MOD APK

Don’t miss the chance to enjoy the sixth game from LucyDream filled with unique problems and twists.
A comprehensive story that lets you be who you wanna be.

Install the Mod Apk feature to enjoy the series with unlimited energy and gems which helps you to make unlimited choices and investigate to find out all the information.


  •  Away with only romance, Comedy, Suspense, Action, experience it all.
  • Interactive otome visual novel, the game that tops it all. No side-kicks! The character you choose is the real main character.
  • Touching character stories and beautiful ending illustrations are waiting for you!
  • Complete missions and collect materials.
  • If you ask Robot, The mode might help you make gifts for your chosen character? Give him gifts? Maybe you get to see a different side of him???
  • Do everything by spending energy.
  • Memories and a diary that gets neatly saved as you progress the episode.