Android Version: 4.4 and up
 Category: Arcade
 Game Ratings: 4.1
 Size: 71MB
 Mod Feature: Invisibility, VIP Unlocked

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METEL HORROR ESCAPE MOD APK (Invisibility, VIP Unlocked)

Horror Escape is another frightening game where you need to endure a horrendous lousy dream! Do the incomprehensible and discover an exit from the neurotic’s home.

At the start of this game, you exit from the place of a distraught crazy person who needs to see blood and languish!

Sobs for help are pointless. Kids can’t endure this game, so try to defeat your dread and illuminate tricky riddles to endure and getaway.

You need to stow away and be more brilliant. Continue cautiously, in light of the fact that this is a dangerous find the stowaway. Keep in mind: the executioner is close by! Who is right?

Possibly he’s your insane neighbor, or it tends to be somebody you know intently. You will discover it out as you play this game.

A horrible insane person abducted you! You Wake up in a little room, secured by a metal enclosure. Outside the window is a virus winter and day off.

Your goal to escape from this reviled place at any expense! To win, you will require system, strategies, creativity, and shrewd. Investigate and use things.

Search for keys or consider different approaches to open bolted entryways. Find energizing mysteries and privileged insights.

Do all that conceivable to abstain from turning into another casualty of a chronic executioner. Be cautious, don’t make any commotion! Insane person

Will come to you to clarify if everything is all together. On the off chance that he sees You, he will rebuff you furiously and pitilessly.

Quietness and requests are the way to progress. Attempt to be tranquil and spread your tracks to stay unnoticed, in any case, demise.

This isn’t an abhorrent grandma! A maniac will get You and murder you. He’s a beast!

Nothing will stop him, not so much as a weapon. This savage will seek after you until he discovers You and drives you into his snare.

Why is this game the best suitable horror game for you?

The chance to dive into a genuine, dim air of awfulness, loaded up with startling sounds and strange occurrences.

 Realistic wonderful illustrations and the best voice acting. We suggest playing with earphones!

 Exciting and fascinating interactivity that will keep you in steady anticipation.

 The exciting storyline about an insane person sociopath, from which You will be panicked.

 The need to cover up and endure.

 Unique riddles that make you think a great deal and act rapidly.

Cool Easter eggs, the quest for which makes the section significantly additionally intriguing!

 The capacity to pass the experience in English and without the Internet.

 Scarier than phantoms, animals, evil presences, infection, zombies, the dead, and even the demon himself.


Do you like to feel creature dread? Or like it when there’s dream and enchantment around, dead spirits, screamers, apparitions?  Do you love blood and gore films?

Do you get goosebumps from the strained, unnerving environment? Or like getting away from a jail, prison, or labyrinth? If any of the conditions are suitable for you, then this is the ideal game for you!

The visuals of this game definitely deserve 10/10, but still, some changes are preferred by the players that there should be more levels in this game the complexity must be increased on each level, which will make it much more interesting.

It is an enjoyable horror game that becomes more spectacular by a crazy killer with a clown mask. This game reminds us of some of those horror movies where you have to escape from killers or bizarre places.

This game also reminds us of the movie Escape Room, 47 Meters Down Uncaged, and any other movie with horror killers to escape from them.

I could only play in short bursts because this game really raises the adrenalin levels. This is the first phone game that’s ever made my heart race. The 3D control works really well, and the way out made me think hard.

This is a well thought out game, you can get rid of advertisements for just 99 pence, and you won’t have to see those crazy ads which waste your time.

The guys who made this game have really done a great job. You can even purchase the other mask for only 79 pence. Many players who have played this game are looking forward to seeing more games from the developers.

It is by far one of the best horror games for mobile that you may see in a long time. Suppose you play the first level again and again.

The sequence of the things and puzzles changes and makes the game much more enjoyable. Which won’t make you feel bored while playing this game

I like how this game makes me fascinated, well actually, things do change in a position sometimes, which makes the game much more intense and enjoyable to play.


As it is a horror game, you will enjoy searching for the items. The spectacular thing is the beautiful graphics of the game, which will make you feel like you are in a real horror environment, and you would be able to overcome all your fears.

You must suggest such games with high-quality graphics to those friends who have some fears and are afraid to publicly accept them. A simple way to overcome your fears while enjoying such a productive game can’t be found anywhere else.



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