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Minecraft Game Description

Minecraft is a 3D first-person perspective sandbox video game released in the year 2011. Developed by Mojang Studios a well-known Swedish video game developer based in Stockholm.

A game where the player gets to alter the structure, strength, and object of the gameplay

It is known as one of the best selling video game with over 200 million copies sold across all the different platforms.
The game is fun with no precise target to be achieved.

A fantasy globe where you get to explore and visualize the world limitless and entirely. The bigger your imagination better the outcome of your design.

Build anything or everything of your imagination with available materials. It is easy to play.

Customize the default character Steve or Alex’s appearance to make it look more presentable and The various NPC includes animals, villagers, different creatures like zombies, spiders, zombies.

Team up with friends and enjoy the game more massively. The game is available in single-player and multiplayer mode.

In this game, the players will tour around a 3D imaginary world and find out raw materials, tools, and many items to build the various structures.

In between fight with the computer-generated mobs or defeat other players in the game. It has several modes of the game include:

  • Hardcore mode that is the toughest mode  and player may die for lack of energy or health
  • Adventure mode is similar to hardcore mode but with various restrictions and a custom map crafted by users.
  • Creative mode allows the player to have access to all the materials where they can modify and design the object without any interruption. The character in this mode doesn’t die of bad health.
  • Spectator mode lets you sit back and suspect the gameplay.

It is overall a fun, addictive, easy to play game where the only limit to explore is your imagination.

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