Monster’s Mercy: Book 2 Free Epub by William D. Arand

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A life spent being forced to kill people in order to appease a Monster.

The only thing to look forward to was the blessed, though brief, the interval between paying the bribe.

And the Monster is and isn’t Rene at the same time.

It simply resided inside his own mind and forced him to do what it desired. Rather than really becoming a Monster.

Rene’s whole life had been like this until one fateful day. Where he died in a botched search.

He took on a new life after meeting the Watcher in the afterlife. A life of idyllic paradise, complete with a family.

He was abducted and taken to a new city before he was kidnapped and taken to a new city.

Rene broke free, planted roots, started a bank, an orphanage, and an underground gang, and began to take over the city.

Rene has taken on the roles of the Hood, the Mask, and young Anatoli’s.

With the Anatolis bankroll, his sword, or someone else’s blood, he continues to gain more strength.

Except that as his power grows, he becomes a bigger target.

More people are focusing on one of his lives and what they can take from him every day.

The city is about to be thrown into the middle of more than one life-or-death struggle.

It really has no clue, and its only genuine protector is a serial killer turned crime boss who moonlights as a gang boss as a bounty hunter and money lender.

All before the end of the month. Download Monster’s Mercy: Book 2 Free Epub.

Warning: This book includes graphic violence, a harem with no fixed relationships, unorthodox views and values, and a hero who is as tactful as a dog at a pet show. You should read at your own risk.


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