My Hero’s Love: Luke – Interactive Love Story  MOD APK (Free Premium choices)

My Hero’s Love: Luke – Interactive Love Story

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Game Description:

My Hero’s Love: Luke – Interactive Love Story is a new simulation otome game developed by Your.Visual.Novel. They create a world of fantasy and adventure to conquer the heart of the hero with your decisions.

The game is free to install and play, but you can choose to pay real money for some extra items, which will charge your Google account. You can disable in-app purchasing by adjusting your device settings.
A new interactive woman-oriented game. It is a visual animated novel based game. The otome game will help you find your love by making various decisions and choices. The ending of each story depends on what choices you make throughout the

You will be playing the role of the main character. The role of the heroine and decide the future based on various choices. So what you will choose? Find true love? or Go on an adventure all around the world?

The game is originally available in the German language. But recently they have come up with translation in English and Spanish. The sexy animated characters and beautiful graphics will hook your interest until the end of the game.


Planet Zargoa is facing a brutal war where Gods are against humankind. A handful of well-trained warriors, also called Protectors or saviors, took responsibility to save the villages and cities of Zargoa against the devil and godly attacks.

The warrior’s headquarter is the “Academy of Protectors”, which can be found in the capital city, Marvall. The Academy is lead by the evil and sharp half-demon Lady Daria. All Protectors are under her command and she’s one of the most feared women in all of Zargoa.

Now you being grown up in a small village, you were totally unaware of fights till now. In need of a job, you plan to travel to Marvall. But just as you took your first step inside the capital city, you were surprised and found yourself tangled up amidst the fight between a demon and a Protector.

Shortly after the fight, you also meet his cheeky Assistant, named Luke, who decides to take you with him to the Academy. Enjoy the company of the charming Luke, who will show you the cities nightlife. Explore parties, big shopping malls, and experience one adventure after another.

Wait don’t mess it all and break your heart, be cautious as Luke’s heart is too big for this world and he might be interested in other women too.

Do you think you can win Luke’s heart all for yourself by making various choices? Choose your answers cleverly in this interactive game. Prove your courage, strength, and trust in love. Only then Luke is going to protect you from all evil in this world and stay by your side.

Experience a love story full of passion and fantasy. Meet gods, demons, magical beings, as well as other dimensions, good and bad powers, and heroes. Fight the evil with your wit, invincible weapons, and strong men.

My Hero’s Love: Luke – Interactive Love Story


  • Experience this Otome game without any interruption of Ads.
  • Play a total of 15 chapters that includes 1 Happy End / Normal End / Unhappy End. It all depends on what choices you make.
  •  You can read anytime and anywhere the whole story.
  • Constantly added animations make the story even more vivid.
  • Breathtaking music and sound effects.
  • The amazingly sexy graphics like backgrounds, characters, etc.
  •  Included 5 Winning Pictures (CG’s) of the most beautiful moments.


My Hero’s Love: Luke – Interactive Love StoryMy Hero’s Love: Luke – Interactive Love Story

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