My Princess Girlfriend: Moe Anime Dating Sim MOD APK (Free Premium,Ruby)

DOWNLOAD My Princess Girlfriend: Moe Anime Dating Sim MOD APK (Free Premium, Ruby)

 Android Version: 5.0 and up 
 Category: Simulation
 Game Ratings: 4.1
 Size: 40MB
 Mod Feature: Free Premium, Ruby



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Points to Remember:

Turn on Mod from Mod menu – go to settings > apps > game name > permissions and allow all permissions and “draw over apps” permissions


 My Princess Girlfriend:

Moe Anime Dating Sim is a game where you could find your perfect anime girlfriend. Due to all the girls’ charm, attractiveness, and personality in this game, you will be going to love it. If you love Japanese people, their girls, and their living style, you will surely be satisfied with this game.

Locate your ideal anime sweetheart in this extraordinary bishoujo game from Genius Studio Japan! Step into the hero’s point of view as you settle on significant choices that will direct your way to sentiment and the crown.

This game will take you to a realistic point where all your desires will get filled just because of the graphics of this game and the characters and story, and much more will definitely attract you toward this game.


A brief summary of the game:

You lead a quiet, everyday, normal secondary school life. That is until three charming young ladies appear close to home and clarify that you’re the tragically missing ruler of the realm of Fescos!

A terrible double-crosser has fanned the flares of disobedience, the destiny of the realm is at hazard, and individuals urgently need you to return and recover power.

Yet, your excursion to the crown is just the start! Before you can even fold your head over your bequest, the young ladies drop another surprise: In request to control, you should pick a lady — and every one of the three is competing to turn into your princess.

All are beautiful, and you will get confused to choose one of them, and as you start playing this game, you will fall in love with this game.

Be the saint, experience the genuine significance of adoration and misfortune, and climb to the seat in this inspiring story loaded up with dramatization, satire, and sentiment. The princess you’ll pick will be taught you many experiences of life, and you will love to be with her in this game.

The uniqueness of this game is that you will learn how to treat your princess in real life, and it will definitely affect your love life and make it more remarkable as it is just a game you can’t experience everything, but you still can learn a lot more than you can imagine.

You may be confused about choosing this game over a thousand others, but the best option is to try it out at least once to make yourself mentally satisfied with how to treat your princess.

The following are the characters in this game :


You quickly interface with Myria and, before long, discovered she was your youth closest companion sometime in the past. You may not recall much from your days in the realm, yet Myria’s splendid character is delightful, and she vows to assist you with recovering the seat regardless.

Myria appears to know a ton about regal life. Will you have the option to recuperate the recollections you shared? If yes, you’ve chosen a sagacious decision because royal life is not for everyone and if you or anyone get a chance to live it.

You should definitely avail of the opportunity as it is mentioned that the character is interested in royal life. She would tell you the secrets of royal life and make you feel like a prince if you chose her as your princess.


Certain and devious, Linda rapidly gets mainstream around town for her dazzling looks, appeal, and spirit. She’s hardheaded and knows precisely what she needs — you! Linda’s coquettish prodding consistently causes you to remain alert.

However, you’re actually shocked when she confesses to seeking after the lady of the hour appointment for cash. Something doesn’t make any sense, and you have a developing doubt there’s an alternate thought process she’s escaping the gathering. Precisely what is her plan, and would she say she is fit for cherishing you genuinely?


There’s no rejecting that Victoria’s forceful and haughty tsundere disposition drives others away. Nonetheless, in some cases, you get an uncommon look at an alternate side when she opens up to you, and she has a sincere vision for the nation’s future.

Will you have the option to get through Victoria’s intense external shell and help beat the questions that are holding her back?

It was great, the story was great; you would lament on the off chance that you don’t mess around like this, the story was so alluring (it is astonished me) the characters were great, the foundation, music, it is so great, I don’t have any words to portray this game (excellent) is the most perfect for the game.

Honestly, for a magnificent organization, you all indeed haven’t arranged out your applications that well. The tales and craftsmanship are largely astounding, yet the manner in which you have every story has its own application isn’t the most brilliant thought.

I ensure in the event that you’d put everything in one application like the intelligent story application named Chapters, you’d have much more achievement and profit. Alright, strong 10/10.

Somewhat unsure going into this one, yet the gotta state, I was charmingly amazed by how great the story and characters turned out.

What’s more, indeed, this game had the most fulfilling endings you individuals have written in a long time. For that by itself, I’ll likely replay the story at some point.

You will adore this game, the story, the subtleties, and the more significant part of every one of the young ladies. They’re so adorable, and they have various characters. No big surprise, it’s from the virtuoso studio.



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