My Sweet Stalker MOD APK 2.0.17 (Free Premium Choices)

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My Sweet Stalker: Sexy Yandere Anime Dating Sim Game Description

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Another latest romance visual novel from genius inc is My Sweet Stalker MOD APK. This is a tale about a man who gives people advice on the internet under an alias so that no one can find him.

He counsels a large number of people who are seeking advice and advises them on what they can do with their lives. He speaks to a girl one day and offers her advice that destroys her life, so she seeks him out.

The game starts with the plot, which you must play and explore. Play this video game and see if you can get out of the risky situation you’ve found yourself in.


You’re a tech nerd who gets a lot of satisfaction from your anonymous online advice network. Before you give the wrong girl advice.

Things quickly escalate, and despite your attempts to block her, she discovers your true identity.

Will you be able to shield your friends from this dangerous child, or will she find a way into your heart? In My Sweet Stalker, be careful who you put your faith in!

From the links below, you can download the My Sweet Stalker MOD APK. This mod enables free premium choices, which means you can click on premium options from beginning to end and they will never end.

Premium options are used in the game to achieve positive results or have successful interactions, so having an unlimited supply would allow you to control the whole game and force people to do what you want.

Get the mod right now and install it just like every other app to finish the game in a single day!

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 Android Version: 4.4 and up
 Category: Simulation
 Game Ratings: 4.7
 Size: 75MB
 Mod Feature: Free Premium Choices

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