Mystic Code: Choose your path MOD APK

mystic code: Choose your path mod apk

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 Android Version: 4.4 and up
 Category: Simulation
 Game Ratings: 4.4
 Size: 37MB

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Description of the Mystic Code: Choose your path Mod Apk

What is the reality of Mystic code? Do you want to discover it?

Become a Mystic specialist and pursue down the killer.

Extraordinary homicide puzzle game – Mystic Code!

Mystics – creatures who look human, however, have the odd capacities of creatures and plants. In this present reality where Humans and Mystics exist together, an uncommon homicide case occurs, undermining the harmony!

The dead casualty was a cop and a Gumwa (Golden frog) Mystic. There was. Likewise, a dead amphibian was discovered close to the casualty at the location of the homicide.

What is the significance of the killer’s message?

The case was given to MIU, the Mystic Investigation Unit, a gathering that manages the most obscure virus instances of the past.

You will be amazed as the story proceeds, and the best part is that all the characters are realistic means you can’t figure out that it is a game or a real-life event.

No one but they can perceive how the cases are associated.

Utilizing their sharp impulses, they start to chase the killer!

Mystery Visual Novel, Mystic Code.

  • 25 chapters of an exciting and thrilling visual novel. Visual novels are much better than books.

They are just like comic books but with a lot of intensity. If you start reading them, you will fall in love with them.

  • How you conduct your investigation will cause to multiple different endings, so choose wisely.

If you choose the most superficial way, the ending would be much different as compared to a complicated way.

  • There are multiple endings, including bad endings,  that you simply should attempt to avoid..

But as the game characters are presented and a smart and genius person reading them would obviously lead to a better end than going in trouble.

  • Side stories to give you more information about the main story.

As they are included in the game to increase the intensity of the readers. You will gather much more information from the side stories.

Some reviews by fans of Mystic Code:

You will adore the story that is going on in this game. The characters are all around planned in any conceivable manner. It is genuinely fascinating to play.

The truth that there is a choice of increasing the required things by viewing an advertisement is terrific. There are a lot more activities in this game, so you can never get exhausted from it.

The game is wholly prescribed to each and every individual who is keen on books and stories. The plot, secret, and the mind-boggling story branch are exceptional.

Every time you get an ordinary consummation, you sort of need to restart from the earliest starting point. You can’t hop to the scene you need.

In the event that you see the story tree, the tension may turn out to below, and it won’t be more magnificent to play this game.

A suggestion to the designers is to change character articulation more intuitive (ex. by vivifying a portion of their highlights), so the player would also appreciate the extended content.

The game is fascinating and captivating. Another suggestion would likely be the clovers and the keys. Mind-boggling game.

The story is so elegantly composed, and your decisions really matter here.

There are various branches in the plot and a shrouded finishing that you can get after getting the cheerful closure.

Craftsmanship is beautiful. I love the fantastic way much environment it passes on alongside the music in the completion pics.

It’s excellent gathering proof and pictures and expanding characters’ affinities.

Nonetheless, the sentence structure is somewhat awkward, and I appear to have issues sharing the endings to Facebook for clovers.

Would adore some help. The update is genuinely flawless.

The illustrations are lovely. I love the delightful way you can simply continue perusing on through the story without the utilization of tickets.

The characters are fascinating, and the game itself is entertaining and addictive.

You will appreciate the game on an extremely appealing level and become a fanatic of the journalists.

In a real sense, it is the best visual novel game ever in the market in as long as I can remember.

Despite the fact that you have to utilize a lot of clovers (and keys), the storylines will never baffle you, so it’s justified, despite any trouble, to play the game as a result of its story and the incredible work done by the advancement group.

Not just that, the drawings are additionally so lovely. I’ve played this again and again, and I never get exhausted.

It likewise offset the ‘sentiment’ and the secret of the story. Much obliged to you for this awesome game! 😀

This game is one of the most favorable games ever dispatched on the play store. It is astonishing. It’s fun, has excellent craftsmanship. It additionally has a truly magnificent story.

The manner by which the authors adjusted the riddle and the sentiment. Incredible! Caps off to the individuals who made this game.

This game is prescribed to each one of the individuals who love visual books.

The plot and the characters are fascinating! As the story goes before, the perusers or players’ force increment and get overpowered by the essayist’s style of introducing this game.

The designers likewise have invested a ton of energy in making this game on a significant level. I wish more games from these engineers would come soon.

I simply need to thank every individual who has participated in making such a captivating game. The game merits playing. I can say that an individual who wants to peruse books would adore this game.



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