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Points to Remember:

Turn on Mod from Mod menu – go to settings > apps > game name > permissions and allow all permissions and “draw over apps” permissions

Nier: Automata- Become as God’s Edition MOD APK Game Description

Nier: Automata- Become as God’s Edition is an action thriller role-playing video game released in the year 2017. Developed by PlatinumGames a well known Japanese video game based company.

The game is a continuation of 2010 Neir. It is a game where erotic robots fight and destroy using weapons and tools with other robots.

The gameplay is an action-based hack and slashes combat RPG game. The story needs to be played several times from start to the end and every time it unlocks new story elements.

The player takes a major role in conflict from the YoRHA unit. In the game, the player has to fight with the rivals in realtime and in multiple gaming surroundings.

Also, use different types of attacks like light and heavy depending on the power and ability of the enemy.

Players can dodge and save themselves from enemies through pressing a time-based button and also initiate a revenge attack that results in huge destruction.

To aid players there is a flying robot Pod. That initiates customize attacks and save and protect the player from various destruction.

The level up also increases experience, attacking skills, health, and many more. The players can revive the other dead players during the fight and can also make use of combination and counter-attacks.

There are four weapons namely short swords, long swords, bracers, and spears which can be charged to destroy the enemy.

There are various chips available which control, dodge, and can play the game from your side. Chips can be purchased from the store or collect it from conquering enemies.

There is a special item known as a wild animal to ride on for the players.

It has an amazing soundtrack and marvelous graphics, Overall a very exciting game where everything is dependent on the choices you make throughout the journey.

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