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One Thousand Lies  Game Description

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One Thousand Lies is a casual game published by Keinary Lobre. 

The main character is a pompous ass, and the writing (especially in the beginning) is too pseudo-intellectual, but if you can stick it out a bit, the overall story and characters are interesting and you end up at least understanding the MC and his approach to life.

Beautiful art, nice music, and the additional “One Hidden Truth” scenes after the ending really enhance the story.

Is a great VN that makes you look smart when you recommend it to people. And it’s free. Honestly, this game’s a trip.

As a visual novel, the dialogue’s witty without sounding pretentious, the music mostly complements the scene without becoming over-bearing, and the artwork’s better than I’d expect from a free mobile game without gacha.

Besides the lack of a log button (autosaves work to an extent), all my critiques would be nit-picks of story elements and personal taste.

For a free game, it was very well done! The plot was intense enough and quite mind convoluting actually!

Certainly was food for thought. However, it can be a little dry/heavy if it were to be completed in one seating.

Also, it’s basically a novel but with pictures and music so don’t expect to play anything.

One song in particular “In a Sentimental Mood”, every time I listened to it, there was just this tightness in my chest, it got me so emotional. Read this VN, you won’t regret it at all.

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 Android Version: 4.1 and up
 Category: Casual
 Game Ratings: 4.7
 Size: 8MB
 Mod Feature: Unlimited Money

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