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Over Hazed APK Game Description:

Ringing… “You don’t need to know who I am; just look at how horrible the world is right now. Then you should probably thank me for taking your daughter right now.”
I saw a mushroom cloud rise in the horizon as soon as I picked up the phone, instantly turning the civilized world into a wasteland.
A year later, I found upon my daughter’s necklace in a bandit camp, giving the depressed me a cause to keep going in this wilderness.

We set up a military shelter with the help of other survivors. I was determined to figure out who was responsible and save my baby. When I finally found her, though, I realized that things were not as they seemed.

Over Hazed is a massively multiplayer online strategy game with RPG features that takes the classic sandbox strategy game to a new level. As a hapless father who has lost his daughter in this wasteland, you must gather a diverse group of survivors and lead them in defending against terrorist groups, robbers, and mutant creatures, as well as invading the criminal’s base to save your daughter.

However, a bigger problem has arisen. The Haze has covered the planet as a result of the nuclear explosion’s knock-on consequences, with a highly concentrated gas transporting radioactive material shrouding the atmosphere.

Exploring and accessing resources in the Haze is perilous and mysterious with a limited perspective. The Haze, on the other hand, provides a safe refuge where opponents won’t be able to see you. You can also send out camping trucks and construct watchtowers to broaden your horizons. In other words, having a good vision is crucial to winning conflicts.

Your leadership and construction are now required for the shelter. You’ll need to create more amenities as the population grows. In addition, you’ll need to train your troops, develop your technologies, and maintain your strength when new challenges and dangers arise.

With their battle-hardened experience and distinctive skills, the elite wasteland survivors are ready to aid you in taking on tasks and killing foes.
Simultaneously, you can not only build a powerful alliance with worldwide gamers to battle the enemy together, but you can also use your strong leadership and tactics to conquer everything and become the King of this wasteland!

[Features of the Game]

-No VIP: YOU DO NOT HAVE TO PAY TO WIN. If you can make it through the wasteland, you’ll be a VIP!

-Haze System: A mysterious and deadly system that adds variety to gaming and makes players’ decision-making more difficult.


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Steps to Install the Game/Application

  • Click Download APK MOD
  • Wait for the game link to generate
  • Remove Playstore version (If you have installed it previously)
  • Install the MOD APK
  • Turn on Mod from Mod menu – go to settings > apps > game name > permissions and allow all permissions
  • Enjoy Benefits of the Game/Application for Free.

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