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Pet World – My Animal Hospital Description:

Pet World – My Animal Hospital – Dream Jobs: Vet is a simulation game where you will run a veteran clinic and learn new management skills. It is published by Tivola.

The game is rated for 3+ age groups. There are 1,000,000+ install on the play store.


Are you a pet lover? Want to pursue a Veteran Doctor?  This is the perfect game to experience the life of a veteran doctor. Enjoy the cute and lovable game.

The animal hospital simulator offers you to become the dean of the clinic and the veterinarian for cute animals that are facing problems like laceration, bruises, bitten by a mosquito, torn muscle fibers, broken paw or bad intestinal infection.

Take care of various different types of pets such as cats, dogs, wolf, monkeys, alpacas, pandas, and many more. Save the lives of cute little injured animals and manage your hospital and research new technology and advanced treatment. Develop medical emergency services. Upgrade your vet clinic by using modern equipment to be renowned. Expand your workplace to treat more animals at a time and earn more money.

You will construct and operate a veterinary clinic. Modern equipment is used such as X-rays, Ultrasound to diagnose the disease, and vaccines are available to cure intractable and contagious disease.

You will set up the diagnosis in a series of exciting minigames.

There are tools available such as a stethoscope and a thermometer to assist you in diagnosing various diseases and infections.

If you detect the right symptoms, the animal is sent to the appropriate ward. Each such rule will be arranged, designed as a mini-game.

Gamers will have to be careful while treating animals and complete the fastest way to heal the animals.

After therapy, if the animals still required protection, gamers are encouraged to support them by feeding, drinking, snacking, stroking, and cleaning.

Tons of Cute animals from all over the world will come to your clinic. Familiar cats and dogs from your neighborhood meet exotic and extravagant species such as ocelots, polar bears, koalas, and pandas.

You will come across beautiful unicorns and horses too. All the animals are hoping to get well soon and they are so naturalistic and genuine that steal your heart right away.

Design and Customize your hospital with eye-catching accessories and a breathtaking view of a waterfall and scenic beauty. The more Patients you keep healthy, the more you will come closer to success.

Cure all pets to see them smiling. Decorate the rooms with new plants, paintings, and rugs.

Make room for more animals and expand your patient. Unlock different treatment rooms by your tremendous performance. You will build a special bond with each animal and surely fall in love with them.

Don’t panic you don’t have to work alone, hire more nurses and doctors to help you out. You have a scrapbook at your clinic’s reception that you can use to collect receive letters of thanks from your former patients.

There are different task which in turn gives you exciting prices and diamonds. Collect daily money and diamonds for free. A spin wheel is a special feature where you try your luck and earn bonus rewards.

You can spin a wheel once in a day or watch ads to spin more. The character is so realistic and graphics are mesmerizing and this will create a sense of closeness to the player. Unlock different animals as you level up.



  •  Manage your own pet hospital
  •  Learn the daily tasks of a veterinarian
  •  Examine and care for cute animals
  •  Play exciting minigames
  •  Collect daily coins and rewards
  •  Unlock various treatment rooms
  •  Customize your clinic using various decoration items
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