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Petal Farm – Flower Garden MOD APK Game Description:

Petal Farm – Flower Garden is a casual game where you will build and grow your flower farm shop from the comfort of your phone. It is published by Superpea LTD.

Petal Farm (originally Petally) was a game developed by Superpea LTD between 2012-2016. That’s right, it took 4 whole years to perfect which is a lot of work for a phone game!

Petal Farm is free to play flower farming game. The full 3d perspective offers hundreds of hours of complete immersion into the gorgeous, never-ending world

The game is full of suspense as true luck determines when your next super-rare flower spawns which, along with your ability to find it, is crucial to the research and farming of better quality seeds.

You are continually challenged by your ultimate nemesis; yourself, as you try to beat your own Profit Record score, making you better and better at running your farm at maximum efficiency.

Strategy and careful planning will make or break a new farmer as a finite supply of tools (sprinklers, scarecrows, speed buffs, and daisy cannons) are all you have to grow and protect your fields from the relentless attacks that Birds, Locust swarms, Droughts, and even Tornado storms throw at you.

The game is fully online which allows you to log in from your phone to make sure your Bees are collecting honey in the morning then beat your friend’s Profit Record from your tablet when you get home.

Hot Features:

  • Get dirty and plant gorgeous flowers all over the garden.
  • Design bouquets and grow your flower shop business.
  • Build your Clever Cat army to patrol the garden seeds.
  • Protect your flowers from dirty, seed-eating enemies.
  • Get rich and decorate your farm shop just how you like.
  • Make friends and put your farm online.
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