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You encountered Obritsa Nevemskaya, Kirvaya’s enigmatic child-queen, in Kingsbane. Learn more about Obritsa’s story and how her fate became entangled with Rielle, Audric, Ludivine, and Corien in this exciting novella.

Obritsa, a twelve-year-old temple maidservant, is devoted to a young firebrand who aspires to be elected Queen of the Blazing Throne. The nation erupts with fury when Kirvaya’s magisters pick Obritsa as queen instead.

Obritsa, on the other hand, is unconcerned with what they think. She has her own agenda and secrets, and indignation is the least of her concerns. Queen of the Blazing Throne Free Epub

Every day, more children go missing in the capital city. A great danger is brewing in the far north, and whispers are flying through the streets. Sun Queen has been given to some Celdarian girl she’s never heard of.

As Obritsa delves deeper into these mysteries, she discovers that the war she thought she was fighting is really part of something much larger a centuries-long conflict and that her power has the potential to determine who wins and who loses.

Learn about the events of Kingsbane from Obritsa’s perspective, and then prepare to see her, along with all your favorite Emporium characters, in Lightbringer!


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