Romance Fate: Story Games IOS HACK (Unlimited Diamonds)

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Romance Fate: Tales and Decisions

Choose your love story intelligently; wise decisions will result in spectacular love stories and outcomes.


One decision has the power to change everything! You may make your own decisions and have an impact on the plot in this interactive storytelling game.


Every form of book you can think of is available—fantasy, love stories, mystery novels, paranormal tales, drama series…


In each chapter, you’ll have the opportunity to make your own decisions and determine your own fate. Choose from a variety of interactive stories, take a different path, and create your own stories!




Choose your favorite main character style!

In various stories, have romantic, wonderful, and breath-taking adventures!
Fall in love, and indulge in a plethora of episodes!
Immerse yourself in diverse cultures using cutting-edge immersion storytelling techniques!

Extraordinary Romance Fate novels include:

The Billionaire Neighbor is a wealthy neighbor who lives next door to you.

Damian Knight, a random act of generosity takes you to a new chapter in your life. He’s a mysterious billionaire and a formidable CEO. He’s commanding, ominous, and protective. He has everything but you, which is the only thing he truly desires. When you’re determined to find love, though, your dark background gets in the way.
Is it possible for two universes to come together and have a happy ending? Is he going to be your Prince Charming or the Beast from your fairy tale?

Make decisions and chart your own course.
enchant ME
You’re a relationship columnist who isn’t in a committed relationship. Your career is winding down, and you’ve been assigned to write a piece about Aaron LeBeau, the hottest F1 racing driver in the world.
You wake up in a stranger’s bed, and Aaron LeBeau is standing right in front of you! Furthermore, he invites you to be his phoney girlfriend!
The Sea’s Disappeared Daughter

An accident sends you plunging into the ocean while on a summer excursion to a beach house with your friends! You learn you’re a mermaid when you wake up!

Win the heart of the enemy spy, the brave warrior who rescued you, or your best friend who has been in love with you for years.



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