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Save her From Zombies

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Game Description:

Save Her From the Zombies is a new interactive simulation game developed by Genius Studio Japan Inc. Genius Studio Japan Inc. is an Android game developer that has been active for about 11 months. The current application portfolio contains 27 games. The game is specially rated for teenagers. There are 5,000+ installs on the play store.

The game is free to install and play, but you can choose to pay real money for some extra items, which will charge your Google account. You can disable in-app purchasing by adjusting your device settings.

You’re trapped in a huge house invade with zombies… Will you be able to protect the girl you love from certain death?

Lets first get familiar with the characters to make better choices throughout the game.


No matter how dangerous things get, Miyu’s caring nature never falters. Her kindness is a blessing to you, but even an angel like her has an issue. Issues that might get her killed if you’re not careful. Will you be the one to rescue her and bring her into the light?

Tsundere is the term many would use to describe this girl. She found her way into the mansion in search of her special “friend” and has a tendency to try and do everything on her own. This leads many to believe she’s strong and independent, but she’s actually quite fragile and shy. Now it’s your duty to protect this delicate soul from the hordes of zombies.

Valerie goes to the same school as you and is a skilled kendo master. This brave girl entered the mansion alone to save Miyu, her best friend. Her kendo skills allow her to keep zombies at bay, but she might not be as strong on the inside as on the outside. She needs someone like you to give her emotional support. In return, she’ll have your back when you most need it.


You’re a high school student living a life with a younger sister, named Aiko with many responsibilities after your parents were killed in an accident. After the parent’s death, she was the only blood relation in your life. You cant imagine a life without her she means the world to you. You both are living an amazing time together.

One day Aiko comes to you with fear and tells you what’s going in her mind. She feels like a stranger is following or observing her and she’s worried about her life. You brush it off telling her she is being too self-conscious and silly.

The next day Aiko didn’t return back home from school, and it was already too late. Now you are worried about her life and immediately run out to search for her and eventually find yourself at the doorstep of a haunted mansion in the woods. Could she really be in here?

Next few seconds you saw the entire huge house was ruled by bloodthirsty zombies and you got scared. Your sister is trapped somewhere inside the mansion.

By someway you manage to rescue yourself from being eaten by a zombie. Don’t panic you’re not the only human trapped,  there are three cute girls along with you trying to escape from the live corpse.

You can befriend them, make romance with them, and help each other to overcome the zombies. With seemingly no escape, will you be able to find your little sister and protect the girls from certain doom?

Find out in “Save Her from the Zombies!”The ending of the story depends on the choices you make throughout the game. Whether you are going to save your sister or start your love story? So make choices wisely.