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Ned Altimer, a corporate flop, fantasizes about leaving the world behind. As a result, when Earthblood Online bursts onto the VRMMO scene, he jumps in headfirst and never looks back.

He has two distinct advantages: exclusive access to the game’s three-day Head Start time and a ridiculously handsome talking axe called Frank who knows the game’s deepest secrets…if the glorious Frank ever feels like revealing them.

However, Ned’s advantages make him a priority. When the Head Start time is over, his teammates will do all they can to rip that suave, violent-yet-disarmingly-charismatic ax from his grip.

The biggest manhunt in gaming history will begin in seventy-two hours. It’ll be a lot of fun.

  • The writing and narration are excellent, and
  • The characters leap off the pages.
  • Frank is one of the most interesting and amusing characters you’ll meet this year.
  • Quests abound, small, massive, and epic in scope, all of which are fantastic.
  • The lit RPG mechanics are superbly executed, with leveling up being a difficult task.

I alternated between reading the ebook and listening to the audiobook, and if you choose to listen to the story rather than read it, Travis Baldree’s performance is incredible, particularly his reading of Frank. This was not only a fantastic debut in the LitRPG genre, but it was also destined to become a classic.



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