Shot Girl


Shot Girl MOD APK:

Shot Girl: Show Me The Zombie is an arcade game developed by is a new developer.

The game is rated for the age group above 10. This a whole new role-playing game with a user-friendly interface.

The game is free to download. It is easy to play using the simple left and right control commands.

The game is about defeating all the zombies coming in your way and surviving till the end of the game. Shoot all the zombies and move forward. If you want you can reset your skill and start again.

Shoot each zombie in your way to progress your level and earn gold coins. Gold coins can be used to learn new skills that will top your scoreboard and keep you alive.

Try to finish the stages to update your weapons like a gun so you can target your attack with quick burst shots and character. Shot Girl: Show Me The Zombie MOD APK

Ask your friend to join and make a strong team to defeat all the zombies coming on your path. Teaming up with friends creates a boss stage where you get extra advantage to kill the zombies together.

The 3D graphics make the game interesting and fun to play.

Important Note: if you delete the app or reset the data, the data in progress will be deleted and cannot be restored.

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