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Stellaren 2 Game Description

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Sterallaren 2 is a sequel of sterallaren, which is an amazing simulation game. I’m a long-time fan of Stellaren, have played all 3 so far and I’ve gotta say, this one was amazing, easily the best.

An example being; After you finally get in a romance with Len, it’s never brought up again. She doesn’t even introduce you to her sister as a lover.

Overall it was a thrilling experience though. The ending was confusing though, would u mind if I emailed you to clarify?

I really enjoyed the first game and its sequel, and I am thoroughly enjoying this game as well. However, on two occasions so far I’ve experienced a bug that stops the progression of the story.

The dialogue cuts off and I’m left with a blank screen. The first time I had a previous save close by, but the second time, in chapter 14 after speaking with Aris, I did not. My last save is in chapter 7, and I cannot avoid this bug. It’s very disheartening because it means I must completely start over.

The story is great, been loving the first and second game for a long, the art is better polished and the characters look nice, even though the game aspect kinda needs more polishing, for example, The portable turrets have so much health and attack, well I get that it’s a turret but after few battles, it’s just annoying.

In the shooter game, the player ship is too big, no room for movements to dodge especially against bosses, plus the bullets are really fast for a shooter game 

I really love the stellaren series it was fun and emotional to go through the story a see the characters change and grow but this game made it all better and I really cried at the end of it.

It is a beautiful game and I’ll never forget it even tho if you romance Len it never gets mentioned again which is confusing but overall it was an emotional rollercoaster for me and a great experience.

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 Android Version: 5.0 and up
 Category: Simulation
 Game Ratings: 4.2
 Size: 127MB
 Mod Feature: Free Purchase

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