Stoffer: Texas Kings MC, Book 14 Free Epub by Cee Bowerman

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After years of roaming the world, Stoffer was stopped in Rojo, Texas, by car trouble, and he quickly realized he didn’t want to quit. Stoffer, who isn’t one to reveal anything about himself, has found a home with the Texas Kings, despite the fact that he keeps most of himself hidden from the men and women around him.

A favor for a friend places him in the perfect spot at the perfect time to meet a little firecracker of a woman he quickly learns he can’t live without. Unfortunately, the same firecracker pushed him into the friend zone, and he has no idea how to get out.

Isabelle had a difficult childhood and ran away as soon as she could, not just to get away, but also to shield herself and her younger sister. A phone call from her sister’s boyfriend takes her back to Rojo after her life dramatically changes and spins out of control. A casual encounter in a dark bar introduces her to a guy she wants to live with but can’t contact.

Isabelle guards her heart with bravado and sarcasm when what she really wants to do is open the door and let love in, with walls so strong that no one can break them.


Best friends are wonderful to have, but they can also be so much more.

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