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The Pentester BluePrint: Your Guide to Becoming a Pentester allows readers to dive into the realm of legal, or “white-hat,” hacking.

Phillip L. Wylie, a seasoned pentester and author, and Kim Crawley, a cybersecurity researcher, take you through the fundamentals and advanced topics you’ll need to know about how to make a living discovering weaknesses in systems, networks, and applications.

You’ll learn about the position of a penetration tester, what a pentest entails, and the skills you’ll need to get started on your educational path to becoming a pentester.

Learn how to make a strategy by evaluating your current ability set and determining a starting point for expanding your experience and abilities.

Finally, learn how to get a job as a pentester by using social media, networking, and group engagement.

The Pentester BluePrint is ideal for IT staff and entry-level information security practitioners, but anyone interested in transitioning to the exciting and in-demand area of penetration testing should have a copy on their bookshelf.

This book will show you how to do the following:

  • Simple IT skills such as operating systems, networking, and security systems are the pillars of pen-testing.
  • Hacking skills and a hacker mentality creation
  • Where to look for educational opportunities, such as courses at colleges and universities, security training providers, voluntary work, and self-study
  • Which certifications and degrees would help you get a job as a pentester the most
  • Labs, CTFs, and bug bounties are all ways to gain experience in the field of pen-testing.

I recommend reading this book if you’ve ever been curious about pentesting or cybersecurity in general. The authors do an excellent job of describing words, offering tools, and assisting anyone who wants to start a career in penetration testing.

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