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Game Description:

The Spellbinding Kiss: Romance Otome is a simulation game developed by Genius Inc. Genius is an IT startup established in 2014, dedicated to creating “AppDramas”, the most suitable entertainment for smartphones.

The game is a Japanese anime style dating simulator, otome game, otaku game, visual novel, and virtual boyfriend. Find your sexy lover and enjoy all different ending by making various choices throughout the game.

Do you want to play a romantic Otome anime game in English? Are you looking for a brand new anime-style Otome dating sim game? Want to experience love and have a relationship with ikemen demons?

Have you played other otome games or dating sims before? Do you enjoy watching anime about love and romance? Play this game and make various choices and experience a beautiful or unexpected ending.

The Storyline:

You are going to play the role of a leading character that is a  young pretty lady who works at a pharmacy that was built by your father.

After completing your work you were going back home early today on the afternoon of the yearly town festival, the day suddenly turns to night and a ranting thunderstorm begins.

Later you hurry up to shut down the shop when you hear a shrill noise and saw a weird man covered in blood was heading towards you.

You got scared looking at that man who was soaked in blood, and you run over to the wounded man and strive to help him, but his laceration was quite deep penetrating tissues.

You can do nothing but pray for his life until you notice that his wounds are beginning to heal by themselves?

Before you could realize what’s going on in your life, a strange man appears in front of you.

He says “It seems you have your father’s powers.” as he approaches you, but the moment he tries to touch you, the wounded young man jumps at him and the two disappear into a bolt of lightning.

The next day, you wake up on the floor. The world around you is peaceful and the events of the day before seem like a dream.

As you attempt to convince yourself that the man was just the effects of a nightmare, you saw an envelope on your desk that offers “Acceptance Letter to Miss Cromwell’s College for Magical Studies”.

Reading that letter you got anxious, you decide to enroll in the magic academy. Three good looking men, each of them having unique quantities, skills, power, and personalities are waiting for you.

Learning the concept of magic at the academy is exciting and, every day is a new experience for you, but you can sense that there might be something threatening going on behind the closed doors.

What kind of magical abilities do you possess? Who is the mystery man who showed up at your shop? Who will be the one to cast a magic spell on your heart?


Let’s get familiar with the characters and understand the storyline in a better way.



A mysterious young man who appears at your shop covered in wounds. He does not talk much with others and tends to do everything by himself.

Although he makes himself hard to approach, he is kind at heart and makes sure that you stay out of danger. He is skilled, as well as knowledgeable in magic.


Jules is a naturally skilled magician who is able to use high-level magic as well as black magic, which is labeled as taboo. He often makes fun of you as you struggle to pick up magic concepts.

The people in town have labeled him as a problem child and avoid him, but he seems to have gotten used to being hated by others.


Your upperclassman, Cien is kind to everyone and is seemingly the perfect man. He is an honor student and the pride of the school, as well as being popular with girls.

He always acts cheerful towards you but secretly feels pressured because of the expectations of those around him.

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