The Walking Dead: Survivors MOD APK (Unlimited Money)

The Walking Dead: Survivors MOD APK (Unlimited Money)


The Walking Dead: Survivors MOD APK Game Description:

Upgrade and strengthen your town’s fortifications to keep both the living and the dead at bay. Explore The Walking Dead’s world and recruit legendary comic book characters like Negan, Rick, and more.

In the brutal world of The Walking Dead, you must fight for your life. As you compete against players from all over the world, every decision you make matters. Will you struggle for dominance or will you work together to form alliances? It’s entirely up to you.

Features of the game:

The Walking Dead Survivors is an officially licensed game based on Skybound Entertainment’s The Walking Dead comic book. You’ll be able to recruit iconic characters in The Walking Dead: Survivors’ realm.

Strategy – In The Walking Dead: Survivors, every decision matters, and there is no time to waste. Will you build your army, move out, and conquer the region by force, or will you focus on strengthening your fortifications and forging alliances?

Tower Defense – Your settlement is always under attack from approaching walkers, and it’s up to you to keep them at bay. Strengthen your defenses, place barriers, create structures, recruit more Survivors, and use their specific skills to keep the walkers at bay as you strategize your way to triumph.

Walkers are the least of your concerns in this social game. You will meet players from all around the world in the universe of The Walking Dead: Survivors. It is entirely up to you to select your allies and adversaries. Don’t put your faith in just anyone! To develop your area and prepare for war against Negan, form Clans and construct numerous clan buildings throughout the region.

Exploration – The Walking Dead: Survivors features a large region map filled with key locations, characters, artifacts, and resources to find. Getting to know your surroundings will be critical to your survival. Discover significant structures on the map and compete for control with rival clans.

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Steps to Install the Game/Application

  • Click Download APK MOD
  • Wait for the game link to generate
  • Remove Playstore version (If you have installed it previously)
  • Install the MOD APK
  • Turn on Mod from Mod menu – go to settings > apps > game name > permissions and allow all permissions
  • Enjoy Benefits of the Game/Application for Free.

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